Tehran plays host to bus tour of famous poets and artists

Have you ever wanted to tour the homes of famous Iranian writers? Maybe you have not considered Iran a poetic country, you will probably not even know many of the names below, but they have been integral to the development of the Persian language in the country over the last century.

What the tour entails

Well,  a new tour headed from near Haft e-Tir metro station will commence on Dec. 7 for those looking to see the homes of those famous writers from the 20th century.

Tour of Ahmad Shamlou's home
CC: Ahmad Shamlou

Well according to Tehran’s FT the tour will be organised Sarzamin Sabz Tour operators. Visitors will get the chance to visit the homes of famous poet Ahmad Shamlou (1925-2000), fiction writer and scholar Saeed Nafisi (1895-1966) and poet-scholar and historian Mohammad Taqi Bahar (1886-1951).

Also, part of the tour, famous Iranian poet and artist Sohrab Sepehri (1928-1980), the paternal house of novelist, short story writer and translator Jalal Al-Ahmad (1923-1969); and the famous house of writer and translator Sadeq Hedayat (1903-1951), are also in the program.

Tour of Mohammad Taqi Bahar's home
CC: Mohammad Taqi Bahar

Following a lunch break, visitors will get the chance to see the properties of Persian literature and Iranian studies Mohammad Moin (1914-1971) and poet, lyricist and journalist Mohammad-Ali Amir-Jahed (1896-1977). They will also take a walk inside the paternal house of accomplished nuclear physicist Mahmoud Hesabi (1903-1992). Tickets are available at Tiwall.com.

I am a Muslim
The rose is my Qebleh
The spring my prayer-carpet
The light, my prayer stone
The field my prostrate place
I take ablution with the heartbeat of windows
Moon flows into my prayer, gently it flows
The rock is visible from behind my prayer
All particles of my prayer are illuminated
I pray when the wind calls for prayer
From the cypress tree’s minaret
I practice my ritual when weeds say God is Greater
When wave raises

Sohrab Sepehri  – Extract from Water’s Footsteps

Stay tuned for more information on cultural tours of Tehran, as well more general updates on historical events happening in the city.

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