Public Holidays in Iran in 2018

Public Holidays in Iran in 2018

Iran has several holidays both Islamic and from the before the advent of Islam. Nowruz (Persian New Year) is the longest holiday in the country starting March 21 annually. Officially the country is closed for just one week, however, many private businesses will take two weeks vacation.

Month Date Day Event
February 11 Sunday Anniversary of Islamic Revolution
  20 Tuesday Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatemeh
March 20 Tuesday Oil Nationalisation Day
  21 Wednesday Nowruz (New Year)
  22 Thursday Nowruz (New Year)
  23 Friday Nowruz (New Year)
  31 Saturday Imam Ali’s Birthday
April 1 Wednesday Islamic Republic Day
  2 Monday Sizdehbedar (Nature Day)
  14 Saturday Prophet Mohammad Ascension
May 2 Wednesday Imam Mahdi’s Birthday
June 4 Monday Demise of Imam Khomeini
  5 Tuesday 15th Khordad National Uprising (1963)
  6 Wednesday Martyrdom of Imam Ali
  15 Friday Eid e-Fitr
  16 Saturday Eid e-Fitr Second Day
July 9 Monday Martyrdom of Imam Sadeq
August 21 Tuesday Eid e-Ghorban (Feast of the Sacrifice)
  29 Wednesday Eid e-Ghadir
September 19 Wednesday Tassoua
  20 Thursday Ashura
October 29 Monday Arbaeen
November 7 Wednesday Demise of the Prophet Mohammad and Martyrdom of Imam Hassan
  8 Thursday Martyrdom of Imam Reza
  25 Sunday Birthday of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Sadeq
December 21 Friday December Solstice (Shab e Yalda) Not Public Holiday

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Islamic holidays are subject to the sighting of the moon, and dates can change on the Gregorian calendar. 

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