Tehran Municipality to introduce new traffic scheme

For those of you who drive in the centre of Tehran do take note! The city’s municipality has announced it will be changing the way it charges for driving in the city’s traffic zones.

As part of a push to rid the city of its smoggy persona, the municipality under the management of Mayor Najafi will begin a push to increase the cost of entry to specific areas using a new charge system, Tehran’s FT reported this week.

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What does it entail?

The new Tehran traffic scheme aims to abolish several previous services which have been ongoing in the city for decades, according to the report while introducing two new colored zones, being green and blue. Other factors include how much pollution the vehicle emits and the time a car travels past several newly installed camera systems.

The new schemes aim to do away with the confusion of several traffic calming measures and place the city centre and wider northern central districts into ‘green’ and ‘blue’ areas.

In a nutshell

So here are the bullet points of the new scheme:

  • Current zones to be renamed ‘Green’ and ‘Blue’ zones
  • Cars will be allowed on alternate days based on the previous odd-even license plate system only in the ‘blue’ zone
  • Outside of these metred zones the city’s other areas will be referred to as ‘white zones’
  • Daily permits are to be done away with entirely
  • Daily permits will be replaced with an automatic tax system by cameras, much like Dubai
  • Car owners will be given user accounts and the charge will be deducted from their account
  • Cameras will record entry and exit from the two zones and system depending on time of day
  • Proposed daily entry rates for ‘green’ zone (meaning city centre) are estimated at IRR100,000 ($2.4-$8.4) to IRR360,000 for single entry
  • Proposed daily entry for ‘blue’ zone (meaning inner suburbs) will cost IRR30,000 to IRR120,000 rials ($0.6-$2.7)

Currently, daily permits are sold for IRR198,000 to IRR410,000 rials ($4.6-$9.3), depending on the time of the day.

Ongoing restrictions are enforced from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, except Thursdays, Fridays and bank holidays. Also, hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius are offered a 90% discount when entering and leaving the zone.

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