Tehran Population in 2018

Tehran Population in 2018!

How many people live in Tehran? That’s a great question with multiple answers! To understand how many people are in the Iranian capital at any point one needs to split the city into daytime and nighttime populations.

Situated in the northern centre of the country, Tehran has been the capital city of Iran for more than 100 years. Nestled at the foot (and increasingly climbing up the hills) of the Alborz mountain the town has developed at break-neck speed in recent years.

Spread over 1,500 Kilometres squared, Tehran is one of the largest cities and densely populated cities in Western Asia. In fact, Tehran has become so overloaded there is on average 1.6 people per room in houses across the city.

How many people?

According to local media in summer 2017, Tehran had a permanent resident population of 8.73mn people. Meanwhile, according to some reports from universities in the city people of the Tehran can reach up to more than 14mn people during daytime hours.

This is because people pour into the city from the several dormitory towns and cities in its vicinity. These include Karaj, Parand Robat Karim, Pardis among some. Several of the cities surrounding Tehran and further out to the airport are classed as “New Cities” with more expected to be built in the next few years.

Internal migrants now constitute as much as 88% of Tehran’s growth in the past five years according to the Ministry of Roads and Urban development. So much so that, they add 1.084mn people to the semi-resident population of the city.

It is also not going to get any quieter in the next decade as the city is estimated to grow by another 5.37% by 2030 according to UN’s World Urbanisation Prospects report.

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Photo credit: Jafar Yaghobi






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