Municipality launches bicycle paths in downtown Tehran

Following National Clean Air Day (January 19) Tehran Municipality launched the city’s latest bicycle path around Hassanabad (District 11), according to a report from Financial Tribune on January 20.

According to the report, the new commuting option is part of a broader push to get people out of cars and exercise. The programme is aimed at both tourists and residents in the city, the local newspaper writes.

The track passes through the historical Hassanabad Square, towards the Registration Museum and Moqaddam House and the Qu’ran Museum and ends at Hor Square.

“Tourism officials are planning Tehran bike tours in the area to tap into the tourism capacities of the metropolis,” Nassrollah Abadian, the mayor of District 11, said.  Tehran has more than 100 bike sharing centres centred in several busy squares across Tehran, with the cost of using them only a few rials per day. According to a recent press release from the municipality, the city now has some 172km worth of bike lanes across the wider Greater Tehran area.

The latest group which consists of the Tehran Municipality’s ruling council is now pushing to get people out of cars and into more environmentally friendly forms of transport.

Outside of Tehran, and in some specific parks, the city hosts several bike lanes including Chitgar Jungle Park which is dedicated bikers (and often seems like a race track.

If you’re an avid biker then why not head to this website where some genuinely sporty people have designed several short and long rides to get you moving.

Image credit: CC Milad Mosapoor


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