Belgian conceptual artist exhibition on show in Tehran

Tehran’s Rooberoo Mansion in the downtown part of the city is holding an exhibition by Belgian artist Hilde Overbergh and Iran’s Masoumeh Mohtadi until April 25, according to Honar Online.

Called Folding & Folding, the artwork aims to look at the contextual relations between shapes and space and is a rare treat for art lovers in the town.   Hilde Overbergh’s work explores the pictorial space, where the physicality of painting and the play with architectural elements, in all senses, become the subject of the picture. Blending abstraction and representation, Hilde’s work uses re-contextualised snapshots of interior spaces as a starting point for her compositions.

Significant alterations occur in the process of the transformation from the original snapshots/collages to the artist paintings, achieving an abstract spatial dualism. Moving away from the recognisable images of architectural space, and by repositioning elements like a chair, a table, a curtain or a corner of a room, the paintings create ambiguity through using multiple viewpoints.

Overbergh’s paintings are the result of deconstruction of the physical reality; combining different facts to an entirely new, more abstract interpretation. Peeling away the layers of each image, the artist seeks to reduce it to its essence. Objects are separated from their original context, introduced into new settings, reassembled but always return to the spatial relationship. In so doing, the recognisable objects are deprived of their purpose and made non-functional.

According to the gallery’s curator for this exhibition, Atefeh Khaass, the Belgian artist has used fabric and fibre for creating the pieces for the exhibition.

Where to find Rooberoo Mansion

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