Working hours to remain the same in Iran over Ramadan

During the Holy month of Ramadan in Iran, working hours in offices are likely to remain the same as other times of the year. Unlike countries like the United Arab Emirates and Oman across the Persian Gulf, Iranian offices and companies will not be shortening their working hours.

However, here comes the disclaimer, the decision to close businesses earlier depends on the businesses and offices themselves. Civil servants will be given the biggest leeway in terms of shorter working hours, though private business will mostly be operating on usual hours.

Rules set by the previous Ahmadinejad did offer people who are fasting a shorter work day, and this still stands for many companies who stick to the rule.

During this time, employers cannot reduce compensation due to the shorter working hours, according to rules set more than a decade ago.

Want to know more about Ramadan 2018? Check out our section on the monthly celebration.


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