New locations to pay your departure tax in Tehran

One of the biggest issues for residents and non-resident Iranians travelling from Iran is having to pay the “khorooji” or departure tax. This tax came into force for all residents and non-residents in 2015 and now has three varying priced dependent on the amount of travel one does — yes complicated.

Until very recently the only way to pay for the departure tax was by going to Melli Bank and filling out a form – an embarrassing thing if your Persian writing skills are not up to scratch!

However, there is now a new system in both English and Persian which lets you pay via a local debit card – on a touchscreen! These payment systems/card machines (we don’t know the right term for them), allow you to pay both your departure tax and other payments as well.

The cost of leaving Iran in the year 1397 (from March 21, 2018) now costs IRR2.2mn for the first trip, RR3.3mn for the second and IRR4.4mn for every trip after that. 

Most international airports in Iran have several automated ‘departure payment machines’ which accept local debit cards, foreign cards are still disconnected from the system, so if you do not have a card ask a family member or friend for help.

An update, Imam Khomeini Airport (IKIA) now has payment machines both inside and outside security, the English language ones are through security on either side of the small Bank Melli branch.

Dual-language Digital Payment Machines around Tehran

Earlier this year we’ve been doing our utmost to find as many of the machines as we can and so far have found a few scattered around in malls around the city.

These include, Charsou Mall in downtown Tehran and  Palladium Mall have an updated version of the all-in-one computer on the second floor and lower ground floors, according to our scouts who spotted them!

On that touchscreen computer, you can fill out the required information from your birth certificate and national ID card. And when done it will print out a receipt saving you time and also the embarrassment

(Note: The departure payment machines at Imam Khomeini International Airport currently only work in Persian)


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