Mohammad Moghaddasi ‘Tiny Sculptures’ at Cama Gallery in Tehran

Cama Gallery in Tehran in new exhibition

Cama Gallery in Tehran is showcasing the latest sculpture exhibition by Iranian artist Mohammad Moghaddasi.

The exhibition specialises in the form of art known as “Tiny Sculptures” which portrays the human form in a small perspective against the backdrop of the shape it is carved from.

Silence is a window for comprehension of the gist. In the course of life, there are dos and don’ts that form the events, the locks and chains which separate the human being from him/herself. Inner Peace polishes the walls between me and myself so that I can flow with universe free and fluid. Liberation from internal and external aberrations and exertions. Moreover, the culmination for me still is an unsustainable perfection. Mohammad Moghaddasi

CAMA Gallery first opened in 2015 with two galleries in Tehran, then last October, they launched an online gallery showcasing a broad roster of Iranian artists. The gallery opened also in London in 2018 with exhibitions of Iranian artwork – being one of the few spaces in the British capital to showcase contemporary Iranian artwork.

“It was our biggest step,” he said. “Our main focus in Tehran is the domestic market, but opening it up to an international market is a different calibre.”

Japanese Doll Exhibition in August

Where is Cama Gallery?

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