Guide to Iran’s New Petrol Price Increase 2019

Following months of speculations, the Iranian government has announced an increase of at least 50 percent in petrol prices starting November 15, 2019. In this article, we’ve gathered all the information you need to know about the new prices.

According to the decision which was announced at midnight on Thursday, each motorist could get 60 litres of petrol at IR15,000 per litre, which is 50 percent higher than the previous price. Extra fuel would be still available but at IR30,000 per litre.

With this announcement, the country has re-instated its rationing fuel program which was initially implemented during the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The program was halted by the Rouhani administration several years later.

According to the announcement, the price and quotation of petrol for every vehicle will be as following:



Quotation per Month (Litre)

Private Car

Petrol 60

Petrol & CNG





Petrol & CNG




Small Pickup



Petrol & CNG


Large Pickup



Petrol & CNG





Based on the decision, any fuel consumption in addition to the above-mentioned quotation will be sold at IR30,000 per litre. Also, the price for the Premium Unleaded Petrol will be at IR35,000 only and will not be provided with any subsidies. To purchase the Premium fuel, you’ll have to use the “Fuel Card” provided by the petrol stations as your personal fuel card is only active for regular fuel.

Taxi Tariffs

Following the announcement of increase in petrol prices, officials at Tehran’s City Council have announced that taxis are not allowed to increase tariffs until a new rate has been provided by the regulators. Meanwhile the popular ride-hailing apps Snapp and Tap30 have announced that their tariffs will not change as the government has sorted out an arrangement under which the internet taxis will also be eligible to receive up to 300 litres of fuel at IR15,000 rate.

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