170 years of photographs in Iran celebration

On the occasion of the one hundred and seventy-seventh anniversary of the birth of photography in Iran, Tehran’s Saba Art and Cultural Institute is hosting a photo exhibition from 16-31 December.

The exhibition includes a unique and rare collection of 120 photographs and shows the works of the first visual narrators in Iran, including Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, Ernst Hoeltzer, Abdullah Qajar, Antoin Sevruguin and others.

Abol Hasan Saba was a prominent Iranian musician and songwriter. He inspired the next generation of musicians by training them and also providing a new style of playing Iranian instruments. In addition to his expertise in music, he also learned to paint from one of the most professional Iranian painters. After his death, his house has been turned into a museum upon his will.

Where is Saba Art and Cultural Institute?

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