Tehran’s musicians perform Sabokbaal in quarantine

Iran’s Roudaki Artistic Cultural Foundation and Iranian National Orchestra have released a “conference-call” video of the top classical musicians performing remotely.

Iranian musicians perform in quarantine

The video is in response to key workers who are dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has killed 4474 people in the country (by April 12). In recent weeks there have been reports of more than a dozen key frontline medical workers dying from the disease while on duty.

Watch the video here!

In response to this, the musicians of the Roudaki Centre and National Orchestra have now performed “Sabokbaal” — a famous Iranian orchestral piece.

Restrictions on society

Iran like other societies restricted the movement of people in because of the virus which is still prevalent in the country, leaving many stuck indoors with limited activities.

In recent days, however, there has been a new ruling by the Rouhani administration which says that “low-risk” companies can reopen in the city, including shops and workshops.

So-called “high-risk” activities like watching football matches, concerts and other places where people congregate in large numbers remain banned.

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