Saqqakhaneh and other movements on digital show

Saqqakhaneh goes online

The Iranian Academy of Arts plans to place selections of rare artworks from its collection on view through an online exhibition, including Saqqakhaneh-era paintings.

Each exhibition will run for one week. I have devoted the first exhibition to displaying 25 paintings from the pioneers of the “Saqqakhaneh School”, a neo-traditional style of art that began in the 1960s and derives influence from Iranian folk art and society.

Paintings by Nasser Ovissi, Mansure Qandriz, Sadeq Tabrizi, Masud Arabshahi, Hossein Zenderudi and Faramarz Pilaram have been selected to be showcased at the exhibition.

The school takes its name from saqqakhaneh, a public drinking place in the old neighbourhoods of Iranian cities. Saqqakhanehs are usually adorned with patterns showing people’s traditional beliefs.

By the late 1960s into the 1970s he Saqqakhaneh school artists of Iran had international prominence and this helped pave the way for the opening of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in 1977.

Did you miss the recent online musical performances in Tehran? Yes, in recent days the Tehran Orchestra has performed online remotely via web video chat. Quite a feat!

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