Competition on Recreation of Ray Cement Factory

Tehran Municipality has announced an international competition for the redevelopment of historic Rey Cement Factory, the City of Rey.

The competition was announced by the Managing Director of Tehran Municipality Beautification Organisation, Kaveh Haj Ali Akbari as part of efforts to create a new cultural hub in the southern part of the metropolis.

He says the aim of the competition is to receive the best and most creative design and planning ideas for reviving and recreation of Ray Cement Factory.

Located 7 km south of the Iranian capital, Ray cement factory is the first such factory in Iran, which was built in 1913 in an area of 90,000 square metres. The factory’s machinery and equipment were imported from Denmark and Sweden.

With the expansion of the city and growing population and an increase in the factory’s pollution, they brought its operation to an end in early 1984.

In 1991, the municipality of Tehran, along with the Board ofMinisters,s allowed the
re-opening of the factory with the aim of mending, and rebuilding it, therefore
transforming the building into a museum: “The museum of Industrial cement”.

According to the head of the municipality’s beautification organisation, the Ray Cement Factory has “high social, cultural, and economic capacities to recreate and play a new role in the city.”

Officials have designated IRR3.5bn ($22,500) as the prizes for the top 3 schemes. All eligible domestic and foreign groups/companies are invited to compete in the competition. The two-week registration period for the event will begin from May 2.

The plan to recreate Ray cement factory comes as the ownership of the significant factory has been granted to the Tehran municipality for three decades.

The historic factory is located in the adjoining to historical monuments such as the ancient hill of Rashkan Fortress, Toghrol Tower, Cheshmeh Ali, Ibn Babavieh historical cemetery, Bibi Zobeideh tomb, Shah Abdolazim shrine, and Abbasi and Qajar caravanserais.

Information about the competition has been shared on the organization’s website

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