New taxi service launched in Tehran amid pandemic

One of the leading ride-hailing companies in Iran has come up with a new taxi service dubbed “Sepid” (white in Persian) to provide safe service to passengers while protecting the safety of their drivers as well.

The new service provided by Tap30 is introduced in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It has been launched in Tehran and will be extended to other cities soon.

A separation barrier between the driver and passengers have been installed in the cabs to remove any possible contact between the driver and passengers. According to the information published by Tap30, all cars are disinfected before any passenger gets in the taxi.

Another measure the company says is taking to assure the safety of its passengers and drivers is to checkup the body temperature of its drivers twice-a-week across Tehran. The checkup which is mandatory for drivers is conducted using thermometers at specific locations that have been set-up across Tehran.

The new measure comes as many people are returning to their work after the government announced the gradual opening of businesses. With the resumption of business activities, the government has ordered that using masks is mandatory for using pubic transport.

Feeling unwell?

If you are feeling at all unwell and suspect you have contracted the coronavirus and wish to consult an
English speaking physician make sure to visit our previous story with the list of hospitals.

But before you refer to any hospital or medical center, we suggest you take the free online coronavirus examination test designed by the health ministry in both English and Persian languages.

You may take the online test anytime by checking our previous story.

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