Tehran’s hotels and restaurants to open after Ramadan

Restaurants and hotels in Tehran are set to be given the green light to reopen according to IRNA, citing the Tehran Municipality on May 17.

Several restaurants and takeaways have already opened in the capital in recent weeks, notably those delivering fast-breaking meals after sundown due to the holy month of Ramadan and other food deliveries.

The move to reopen after the fasting month is part of gradual easing of restrictions across the city as new social distancing measures are enforced.

Nader Moradi from the police said: “By implementing health guidelines for dealing with coronavirus for various businesses, restaurants and hotels are among the occupations that have been subject to the most restrictions, but after nearly two months, the time of reopening these specific businesses has been determined.”

He added: “According to the announcement of the National Headquarters for Combating Coronavirus, hotels and restaurants will be fully reopened after the holy month of Ramadan, in compliance with health protocols.”

These health protocols include social distancing, extra cleaning before and after people come to eat as well as disinfecting areas in and around restaurants.

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