Hannah Boutique Hotel in Tehran: Renovating Tehran

Hannah Boutique Hotel

Hannah Boutique Hotel is a recently redeveloped building is situated on Neauphle-le-Château adjacent to the French Embassy in the Iranian capital.

 Some 90-years ago, six buildings were constructed in the centre of Tehran, creating the city’s one and only symmetrical street.

These remaining structures on Lolagar Alley “Doctors’ Alley” are some of the best examples of architecture from the First Pahlavi time, an era when modern construction and designs were emerging in Tehran.

Architecture History Lesson

Initially, all six of these buildings were residential, but over time, like many other structures in downtown Tehran, they were left abandoned. Hanna Project, which includes a hotel, restaurant, gallery, and multipurpose spaces, was designed in one of these homes, with the objective of bringing life back to Lolagar Alley and Tehran’s city centre.

Hanna Boutique Hotel is Persian Garden Studio’s first experience in urban rehabilitation. The building was purchased by the studio in 2016, and after two years of restoration, Hanna Boutique Hotel was inaugurated in winter of 2018. The hotel has seven rooms, a restaurant, and Platform and Pop-Up spaces. Its interior design is inspired by contemporary Iranian and international architecture, resulting in a modern, intimate space that will provide its patrons with a unique experience.

The hotel part of the development has several rooms at international standards and is increasingly popular with foreign visitors looking to spend time in central Tehran.

There are several rooms to choose from and bookings can be made through several websites including the hotel’s international booking site here.

Just take two minutes to walk when you are in Hanna Boutique Hotel and you can visit the National Museum of IranNational Jewelry MuseumGlassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran and also Golestan Palace.

Also, you are just seconds away from Iran’s oldest pizza shop called Davood Pizza, it may not look much, but it is city staple!



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