Vehicle inspection in Tehran costs increase to IRT47,000

Vehicle inspection in Tehran increases in price

Do you need a vehicle inspection in Tehran? Then read below. 

The cost to have a car checked annually in Tehran has increased to IRT47,000 (around $1.81) increasing by IRT10,000 from last year, according to the Vehicle Technical Inspection Bureau’s latest announcement.

All private vehicles in Tehran are required to have their emissions and safety checked annually, however, in practice many people have avoided taking their cars to government testing centres because of potential failures.

In recent days, the centre has offered free checks to taxi drivers finding that some 60% of vehicles are road-fit and obtained their technical certificate indicating the rate of potential failures in the wider car-owning public.

Tehran has 56 technical inspection centres, 17 fixed centres and eights mobile units. There are also three centres for checking heavy goods vehicles in industrial parks.

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State of vehicles

In 2019, the Tehran Times newspaper reported that some 25% of vehicles sent for inspection in June of that year failed the inspection tests.

That report suggested 25% of the cars were polluting, 7% of their wheels were out of alignment, and some 9% had brake problems.

All the vehicles in Tehran (including diplomatic plates) are required to get inspection stickers showing the level of emissions they produce, since the low emission zone (LEZ) scheme went into effect in November 2018.

Tehran began testing vehicles in 2016 after a series of complaints from residents of the poor state of vehicles on the roads, many with significant defects. However, because it is a local-level testing certificate, it lacks the weight of a nationalised system.

However, unlike other countries, if a car does not pass the test they do not force it off the road undermining the project to make safer roads.

Where to go to get a test

If you’re looking to get your vehicle tested and roadworthy have a Persian speaking friend head over to the website and book your vehicle in for a test.

If you own a compressed natural gas-powered vehicle another organisation backed by the local government is also testing those vehicles. You can book a test for those types of vehicles under this website.

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