CBI Introduces 3 New Bank Notes

The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has introduced 3 new banknotes that will soon start circulating in the country’s financial system.

Amir Shokri, the head of the Banknote and Coin Production Organisation of the CBI has recently announced in a ceremony that the new generation of banknotes including the Iran checks will be distributed in a single format, size, and structure, and the multiplicity in size and format will be eliminated.

The measures are in line with Iran’s plan of rearranging the banknotes and coins which includes the elimination of 4 zeros.

During a ceremony, new banknotes of one thousand tomans, two thousand tomans, and five thousand tomans were unveiled. The new banknotes which are currently in the mass production process will be offered in the coming months.

According to published information, religious, cultural, artistic, and historical elements have been used in designing new banknotes. An image of the tomb of Abu Ali Sina often known in the West as Avicenna has been used on the back of the new 1,000 Toman note. Image of the Mausoleum of Poets in Tabriz has been used on the back of the new 2,000 Toman note and the design of the tomb of Hafez, the world-renown Persian poet in Shiraz has been printed on the 5,000 Toman banknote.

This comes as Iran had launched a new IRR100,000 note last November with the focus on “10” in the design.

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