VisaMetric Launches New Branch in Tehran

VisaMetric Offers Italy visas in Tehran

VisaMetric, a leading global visa and consular services company, has announced the opening of a new branch in Tehran, Iran, effective from July 16, 2023. This move is set to significantly streamline the process for Iranian nationals and residents applying for Schengen visas, national visas, and the legalization & copy certification of documents for Italy.

Italy Embassy in Iran

The new branch is part of VisaMetric’s ongoing commitment to provide efficient and reliable visa application services to individuals and businesses worldwide. The company’s expansion into Iran underscores its dedication to facilitating smoother international travel and fostering stronger ties between Iran and Italy.

Schengen Visas in Iran

From July 16, 2023, all processes related to Schengen visas, national visas, and the legalization & copy certification of documents for Italy will be handled by the VisaMetric branch in Tehran.

This includes the receipt and processing of visa applications, document verification, and the delivery of passports and visas to applicants.

To further enhance the customer experience, VisaMetric has also introduced an online appointment system for its new Tehran branch. Applicants can now schedule their visa application appointments at their convenience through the dedicated appointment portal:

This digital platform aims to make the visa application process more accessible and user-friendly, reducing wait times and ensuring a seamless service for all applicants.

Italy Embassy in Iran

First Branch In Iran 

VisaMetric’s expansion into Iran is a significant step forward in improving the visa application process for Iranian nationals and residents. By providing a dedicated service for Italy visa applications, the company is helping to simplify international travel procedures and strengthen the cultural and economic ties between Iran and Italy.

The company’s commitment to providing efficient and reliable visa application services is evident in its continuous expansion and the introduction of innovative solutions like the online appointment system. With the opening of the new branch in Tehran, VisaMetric continues to demonstrate its dedication to facilitating international travel and fostering global connections.

Visa Fee + Visametric Coordination Fee

The cost of visas:

  • Consular fees for the visa must be paid in euros and in cash.
  • Family members of EU and EEC citizens (whose spouse, child/other special cases must be examined by the Visa Section) are exempt from the visa fee.
  • (There is an exemption from consular fees for visa applications (up to 90 days) provided the course is full-time, with at least 20 hours of tuition per week. )
Visa Fee Age 0 – 6 Age 6 – 12 Age 12+
Schengen 0 € 40 € 80 €
* Schengen (citizens of countries with reduced rate) 0 € 35 € 35 €
National 116 € 116 € 116 €
Study C (up to 90 days) 0 € 0 € 0 €
Study D (over 90 days) 50 € 50 € 50 €


Visametric Coordination Fee:

  • The Visametric coordination fee is charged for all types of services.
Visametric Coordination Fee:
29,40 €



Additional Services

  • All of our additional services are subject to your preference, and payments are collected via cash or credit card, in addition to the Visa fee + Visametric Coordination fee.


Additional Services
Premium Lounge 80 €
Special Counter For You 32 €
Prime Time 32,70 €
Completion of Incomplete Documents 16 €
Passport after application 21 €
Application accepted without appointment instead of no-show free slot 10 €
Insurance In base alla durata
Fotocopy /Printing 0,27 €
Telephone notification 3 €
Cargo 10,90 €
Insured cargo 16,35 €
Assistant Service 35 €
First 4 applications 190 €
From the 5th to the 10th application 160 €
After 11th application 130 €

Proecessing times

The processing time from the acceptance of the application to the return of the passports to the visa application centre is usually about three weeks.

The Embassy would like to point that it is generally not possible to issue a passport after it has been received by the Embassy.

Please make sure you make an appointment on time.

The decision to approve or reject applications is taken only by the diplomatic mission. We therefore ask you to submit you application on time.