Baharestan Square, Tehran

Visiting Baharestan Square, Tehran


Tehran, Iran’s vibrant capital, is an exquisite fusion of past and present. Let’s look at Baharestan Square in Tehran. 

The city, nestled amidst the Alborz mountain range, has a deep historical texture evident in its landmarks, one of the most prominent being Baharestan Square.

Also, sat at the juncture of renowned streets like Jomhouri, Safi Ali Shah, Ecbatan, Nezamieh, Shahid Nasrollah Jourkish, and Mostafa Khomeini, the Square is a nucleus of historical and cultural resonance. Check out this classic cafe next door.

A Historical Tapestry

Known as Negarestan Square during the reign of Reza Shah, the Square traces its name to the grand Negarestan Palace of Fath Ali Shah’s era. The Square is more than a physical location; it’s a canvas where the colors of Iran’s history have been vividly painted.

Interestingly, from being the site of the establishment of the first National Consultative Assembly by Muzaffar al-Din Shah Qajar to witnessing the artillery attack led by Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar, the Square has been at the heart of critical historical events.

Also the echoes of public demonstrations against the Pahlavi regime and in support of Mohammad Mosaddegh also reverberate around the Square.

A Hub of Culture and Music

Beyond its historical significance, the Square is a hive of cultural and musical activities. It’s a trove of diverse musical instruments, while the Ministry of Guidance is situated nearby.

Also, the vicinity of the Square is adorned with the remnants of the Qajar era, reflecting Tehran’s journey to becoming a modern city.

Landmarks such as the Masoudieh Palace, the Negarestan Garden Museum, and the Sepahsalar Garden, each a relic of the Qajar era, are located close to Baharestan Square.

Reaching Baharestan Square: By Personal Vehicle

OK, for those who prefer the convenience of driving, the Square can be accessed via the intersecting streets mentioned earlier. These streets connect various parts of Tehran, making the Square easily reachable.

Baharestan Square Metro

Accessing Baharestan Square: Via Tehran Metro

The Tehran Metro offers an alternative, and often preferable, route to the Square. The Station, located on Line 2 of the Metro, serves as the most convenient drop-off point for those wishing to explore the Square and its surroundings.

Baharestan Square

Exploring: A Historical Dive

Moreover, an expedition to Baharestan Square allows one to dive into the depths of Iran’s rich historical legacy. The Square’s rich historical context, its pulsating cultural life, and easy accessibility make it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to experience Tehran’s dynamic and historical urban life.

Where is Baharestan Square?