Enghelab Square: A Central Hub in Tehran

Enghelab Square

Enghelab Square, or Revolution Square, is a significant spot in the bustling heart of Tehran. Known for its vibrancy and easy access to various city amenities, the square is a must-visit when exploring the Iranian capital. Located in the District 11 area of Tehran, the location has been the scene of many events in Iran’s recent history. Learn more here.

Key Information

  • Name of Attraction: Enghelab Square
  • Type of Attraction: Area and Square
  • Province: Tehran
  • City: Tehran
  • Region: Jomhouri and Enghelab
  • District: City Centre
  • Visit Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Visiting Hours: All days of the year
  • Entry Fee: Free
  • Address: Tehran, Enghelab Square

About Enghelab Square

Enghelab Square is a pivotal point in the city of Tehran, providing public access to a wide range of urban facilities. The square is located at the crossroads of Enghelab, Kargar, and Azadi Streets.

Also, during the first Pahlavi era, it was known as 24 Esfand Square, named after Reza Shah’s birthday. The square was commonly referred to as Statue Square because of the statue of Reza Shah placed in its center.

Interestingly, its proximity to the University of Tehran makes it an important spot in Tehran.

Moreover, the area around the square is filled with publishing centers, bookshops, CD and university textbook stores, numerous translation offices, technical offices, and plenty of internet cafes. Given that it’s a popular spot for young people, there are four cinemas positioned on the four sides of the square – Central Cinema, Pars Cinema, Bahman Cinema, and City View are among them.

Also, there are numerous sandwich shops and cafes around the square. Iran and Simorgh are two notable restaurants, serving tea, nuts, and fruit hookah, which have significantly increased the square’s traffic. The Enghelab Mobile and Computer Center is also located near this square.

The Symbol of Enghelab Square

Until 2009, the symbol of the square was a war-themed symbol designed for a flat wall of one hundred meters. However, this symbol was mounted on a round plaque and placed in the middle of the square.

However, given the lack of consistency of this symbol with the word “revolution,” another symbol was designed for this square. It was a hexagonal dome shape decorated with tiles and bricks.

Following that, after the completion of the hexagon, a pendant was added that critics associated with the Star of David (it wasn’t), but that was an argument between different factions at the time.

Moreover, after the destruction of the hexagonal sides, the surrounding area of the square has been covered with advertising banners for reconstruction.

What’s in the area?

The area around Enghelab Square is rich with cultural, historical, and educational sites. Some of the notable places near the square include:

  1. University of Tehran: This is one of the most prestigious universities in Iran and is located just east of Enghelab Square. The University is home to several museums, including the Natural History Museum and the Anthropology Museum.
  2. City Theater of Tehran: A few minutes’ walk to the south of the Square, you’ll find the City Theater of Tehran, one of the most important contemporary theatre venues in Tehran.
  3. The National Jewelry Treasury: Located in the Central Bank of Iran, it is home to one of the world’s most priceless jewelry collections, including the Daria-i-Noor diamond.
  4. The National Museum of Iran: This museum, located a short distance to the south of Enghelab Square, is the country’s primary museum of Persian history.
  5. Bookstores and Publishing Centers: Enghelab Street, leading up to the square, is famously known as the heart of book publishing in Iran, with numerous bookstores offering a wide variety of books.
  6. Cafes and Restaurants: The area around Enghelab Square is dotted with numerous cafes and restaurants where you can try traditional Iranian cuisine or grab a quick snack. Some popular spots include Iran and Simorgh teahouses, known for their tea, snacks, and hookahs.
  7. The Enghelab Street: A bustling street filled with a variety of shops selling everything from electronics to clothing and books.

This wealth of attractions makes this Square an ideal starting point for any visitor to Tehran, providing a slice of the city’s history, culture, and everyday life.


  • Private Vehicles: Enghelab Square is situated at the intersection of three streets – Enghelab, Kargar, and Azadi, all of which provide access to the square.
  • Metro: You can reach the Square by taking the metro line 4 and disembarking at the Islamic Revolution station.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Enghelab Square offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Tehran, where the city’s history, culture, and daily life intersect. A visit to this lively square is sure to be a memorable part of your Tehran experience.

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Map of Enghelab Square