Yoga Classes in Tehran: A Guide to Health and Wellness

Yoga Classes in Tehran

Yoga is a holistic practice that enriches the body, mind, and spirit. Physically, it improves flexibility, increases muscle strength, enhances cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, and aids in weight regulation. These physical benefits, when combined with yoga’s unique approach to stress management and relaxation, create a holistic path to wellness.

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The Popularity of Yoga in Iran

Yoga has been embraced with open arms in Iran due to its harmonious blend of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that resonates with the Iranian people’s cultural values. Many Iranians are drawn to yoga because it offers an avenue for inner exploration and self-improvement. The practice of yoga promotes mindfulness, tranquility, and well-being – qualities that are highly appreciated in Iranian culture.

Moreover, the non-competitive and individual-focused nature of yoga is appealing as it encourages personal growth rather than comparison with others. In addition, with the high stress of urban living in bustling cities like Tehran, many Iranians find the relaxation and stress-relief aspects of yoga particularly beneficial.

Yoga’s Impact on Mental Health

Yoga is also a powerful ally for mental health. Its practice helps reduce anxiety and manage stress, fosters a deeper sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance, and empowers individuals to find inner peace. With its mood-boosting abilities, yoga is an exceptional tool for mental resilience and overall psychological well-being.

Iyengar Yoga Center

Iyengar Yoga Center is a dedicated hub for Iyengar yoga, fostering physical and spiritual health through precise movements, alignment, and the use of various tools such as straps and belts.

Address: The center is located on Khovardin Blvd in the Shahrak-e Gharb neighborhood.

Phone: 021 88086253, 021 88562776

Peyman Mehr

Mehravaran Academy: Women-Only Yoga Classes

Mehravaran Academy in Ekbatan town offers women-only yoga classes led by top-notch instructors. This institution, accessible through various metro stations like Ekbatan, Eram Sabz, and even Azadi Square, is known for its variety of yoga styles and unique yoga trips in the beautiful landscapes near Tehran. Contact them today at this address.

  • Mehravaran Specialized Yoga Club
  • Yoga Studio
  • Shop: @mehroshid__shop
  • Massage: @mehr_spaa
  • ☎️ 02144669209_ 02144694718
  • WhatsApp: 09395506932

Atr-e Mehr Academy: Tailored for the International Community

The Atr-e Mehr Academy, located on Valiasr Street between Elahiyeh and Zafaraniyeh neighborhoods, is a top-tier yoga facility suitable for international students, diplomats, or expats. Its highly trained, English-speaking yoga instructors have been providing high-quality yoga classes since 2010.


  • Name: Atr-e Mehr Academy
  • Location: Valiasr Street, between Elahiyeh and Zafaraniyeh neighborhoods, Tehran
  • Directions:
    • Go to Tajrish district
    • Find Ladan Street
    • Atr-e Mehr Academy is located there

Zafar Yoga Center: Affordable and Quality Instruction

Zafar Yoga Center offers diverse and affordable yoga classes in the Saadat Abad neighborhood. Its “Anti-Desk Yoga” program is uniquely designed for office workers to alleviate work-related stress.


  • Name: Zafar Yoga Complex
  • Location: Saadat Abad neighborhood, second district of Tehran
  • Address: No. 38, Asman 6th DE, Asmanha St., Sarv Square, Saadat Abad

Niloofar-e Abi Massage and Yoga Center: Yoga and Spa Services Combined

Niloofar-e Abi is the first official spa and massage center in Iran. It is located in the Farmanieh neighborhood in the Pasdaran district of Tehran. The center offers yoga classes, spa, and massage services, with an extensive team of yoga instructors and masseurs catering to a diverse range of clients.


  • Koohestan: 021-22827451-61
  • AB Complex: 021-88365474
  • Marina Park Hotel: 0764-4465026
  • Dariush Grand Hotel: 0764-4444347

Final Thoughts

Tehran offers a rich variety of yoga centers, each providing unique experiences tailored to diverse needs. Whether you are seeking physical strength, mental clarity, or spiritual growth, there is a yoga class in Tehran ready to guide you on your journey. Embrace the myriad of health benefits that this timeless practice offers.