7 Best Chinese Restaurants in Tehran


There is a growing community of Chinese expatriates living in Tehran, and some are the real deal! How’s your Mandarin?Here is the most comprehensive list of Tehran Chinese Restaurants!

Chinese New Year begins on February 16 and is officially called the “Year of the Dog”, according to the Chinese Zodiac. So why not celebrate Chinese New Year in Tehran at these special locations we’ve selected!  

TBI Chinese Restaurant
TBI Chinese Restaurant

TBI Chinese Restaurant is a genuine Chinese restaurant with real Chinese owners. The range of foods on offer are dedicated to the Chinese expatriate population in Tehran — so less spring rolls and more noodles and rice. Booking in Persian may leave the maître d’hôtel confused from prior experience as his local Persian skills are a bit off… So if you can speak Chinese, you may get the best table!

‘Tehran’ Chinese Restaurant
Tehran Chinese Restaurant

This is the oldest Chinese Restaurant in Tehran opening in the 1960s and still operated by the same family to this day. The Chinese food available here is more akin to the “Western Chinese” style most people are familiar with in Europe and elsewhere. In the summer the restaurant also opens its courtyard for eating outside!

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant
Golden Dragon Tehran

Golden Dragon near Pol-e-Roomi in Qeytarieh is one of the oldest Chinese food restaurants in Tehran. Much like the Tehran Chinese Restaurant, Golden Dragon offers a classic Western style of Chinese food including dishes like Wantan soup and shredded beef with red pepper.Based on Saba Boulevard, Golden Dragon is just a short walk from Gheytarieh Metro Station on Shariati Street.

Chinese Dragon Chinese Restaurant
Dragon Chinese

OK, this is where it gets confusing. We have Golden Dragon and Dragon Chinese Restaurant. These two Chinese eateries are at opposite sides of the city, and as far as we can tell they are not part of a brand. Compared with Golden Dragon Restaurant this place scores a 4.4 rating on Google.

Vanak Star (Cheap Eats)
Vanak Star

Vanak Star is one of those unsung heroes of cheap Chinese dining in Tehran. Compared to its competitors, Vanak Star offers a mix of regular Chinese staples and also Japanese and Mongolian foods. Décor wise, the place could do with an overhaul, but if you’re used to old Chinese restaurants in Europe, this one will remind you of them.

Mahiki Chinese Restaurant
Mahiki Chinese Restaurant Tehran

Mahiki is one of the latest entrants to the Chinese food eating scene in Iran. Much like the rest its competitors, it has a range of Chinese cooks which you can see through a glass panel. Based on Brazil Street in Vanak, the restaurant is priced at the upper end of the in Tehran.

If you’re looking for a real Chinese restaurant we can definitely confirm this is the place.

China Great Wall Restaurant

Much like Mahiki, Great Wall opened in the past few years, and you cannot miss the place with its iconic Chinese style entrance. Located on the corner of Moda Square (Mohseni Square) on Mirdamad the location of this restaurant is great for those in the uptown area of Tehran. There are not many reviews for China Great Wall yet, so we will let you know when we try it out ourselves.

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