Best Chinese Restaurants in Tehran

Tehran, the bustling and vibrant capital of Iran, is home to a medley of culinary traditions from around the globe. Notably, Chinese cuisine is becoming increasingly popular among locals and tourists alike. Amid the city’s modern skyscrapers, ancient relics, and Persian eateries, you’ll find a smattering of Chinese restaurants offering tantalizing flavors.

Best Chinese Restaurants in Tehran

There is a growing community of Chinese expats living in Tehran, and some are the real deal. 

How’s your Mandarin and Cantonese? Here is the most comprehensive list of Tehran Chinese Restaurants!

TBI Chinese Restaurant
TBI Chinese Restaurant

TBI Chinese Restaurant

TBI Chinese Restaurant prides itself on its authenticity, being owned and operated by native Chinese. Catering primarily to the Chinese expatriate community in Tehran, the menu emphasizes traditional dishes like noodles and rice over the commonly known spring rolls. However, be prepared for a language barrier as the restaurant staff’s proficiency in Persian is not very high. So, if you can converse in Chinese, you might just snag the best seating in the house!



Telephone Booking: tel:+98 21 8883 8301

‘Tehran’ Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant Tehran
Chinese Restaurant Tehran

Tehran’s oldest Chinese Restaurant, dating back to the 1960s, is still family-run today, reflecting its long-standing traditions.

The cuisine at this restaurant aligns more with the Western Chinese style that is popular in Europe and other regions. An added charm is the opening of its courtyard for outdoor dining during the summer, offering a delightful al fresco experience.

Location: Abdeh Dead End off Valiasr and Fatemi Junction.

Telephone: +98 21 8890 0714

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Tehran Golden Dragon is a fusion restaurant that offers a unique twist on traditional Chinese food. It combines the rich flavors of Chinese cuisine with a hint of Persian influence, creating dishes that are truly one-of-a-kind. The Saffron-infused Fried Rice, a unique blend of Iranian and Chinese culinary art, is a must-try. With its stylish interiors and innovative menu, the restaurant provides a perfect setting for a casual meetup or a special occasion.

Golden Dragon near Pol-e-Roomi in Qeytarieh is one of the oldest Chinese food restaurants in Tehran. Much like the Tehran Chinese Restaurant, Golden Dragon offers a classic Western style of Chinese food including dishes like Wantan soup and shredded beef with red pepper. Based on Saba Boulevard, Golden Dragon is just a short walk from Gheytarieh Metro Station on Shariati Street.

Address: Tehran Province, Tehran, Saba Blvd, QCVP+J9W, Iran

+98 21 2223 0292

Vanak Star (Cheap Eats)

Vanak Star Restaurant
Food at Vanak Star Restaurant


Vanak Star holds a unique position in Tehran’s culinary landscape as an affordable yet exceptional provider of Chinese cuisine. While it may not have achieved widespread recognition, this hidden gem of a restaurant has managed to carve a niche for itself amongst those in the know, often overshadowing its more expensive counterparts.

What sets Vanak Star apart is its extensive menu. It does not confine itself solely to Chinese offerings. Instead, it also embraces the flavors of other East Asian cuisines, featuring a variety of Japanese and Mongolian dishes. This eclectic menu allows patrons to traverse multiple culinary landscapes in a single visit, making for a truly diverse and enriching dining experience.

However, the appeal of Vanak Star extends beyond its food. The restaurant possesses a certain charm in its decor that is reminiscent of old European Chinese restaurants. Admittedly, a touch of renovation could enhance the ambiance, but the current setup provides a sense of nostalgia that many patrons find endearing. It’s like stepping into a time machine that transports you back to the classical era of Chinese restaurants in Europe.

Chop CHop

Chop Chop Restaurant in Tehran

One of the newer entrants to the sector is “Chop Chop” located in the very north of Tehran. This restaurant does the usual combination of Chinese, Japanese and other East Asian foods. Whether we can describe this as “Chinese” soley is one of those lost in translation things. You can find out more about he restaurant here on its Instagram account. You can find Chop Chop on Bosnia Herzegovina Street

Greatwall Jianbing Chinese Restaurant

Great Wall is in the food court of the of the Wooden Road Food Complex. We haven’t tried this one but you can find out about it here.

Shanghai Restaurant

Right next door to the Great Wall Jianbing we discovered Shanghai Restaurant. This restaurant appears to specialize in dumplings. Again We haven’t tried it so tell us your thoughts!

Asian Food in Tehran

Cooking Chinese Food in Tehran? 

If you’re a fan of East Asian cuisine and love the idea of preparing Korean, Chinese, or Japanese meals at home, then there’s a treasure trove of ingredients waiting for you in Tehran. A comprehensive guide can be found in Living in Tehran’s informative article featuring Behjat Abad Asian Market. This well-curated article walks you through all the essentials needed for an authentic East Asian culinary experience right in your kitchen.

Behjat Abad Asian Market, as detailed in the article, is a paradise for home chefs who want to dabble in Korean, Chinese, or Japanese cooking. This marketplace provides a wide array of hard-to-find ingredients essential to these cuisines, such as Gochujang (Korean chili paste), Sichuan peppercorns, or Japanese Kombu seaweed. Whether you’re planning to cook Kimchi Jjigae, Mapo Tofu, or Ramen, Behjat Abad Asian Market is a one-stop destination for your ingredient hunt.

Korean food Iran

Living in Tehran’s comprehensive coverage not only gives you a tour of what’s available at the Behjat Abad Asian Market but also acts as a valuable resource for understanding the nuances of East Asian ingredients. Their article enables you to bring the exotic and tantalizing flavors of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines into your home kitchen with ease. So why wait? Head over to the article and embark on your culinary journey!

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