Japanese Spa in Tehran

Spa in Tehran

There are several amazing Spas in Tehran situated at different spots in the city to suit those looking for a quick massage or a more regular relaxation session. For a major city like Tehran, relaxing and spending your time at a tremendous Spa is as important as working until the small hours.

Hana Japanese Spa

Hana Japanese Spa is as exactly how you can imagine, a space that takes its directions from the ancient Japanese art of well-being. Using their knowledge about the health of both mind and body, Hana Spa offers a range of services as well as food and detox drinks.


Fish Spa at the Hana Japanese Spa in Tehran.


Hana Spa Resort was established as a relaxation center in Tehran, promoting traditional Japanese philosophies of balance and well-being. Ancient Japanese methods for relaxation, health, and tranquillity are the core principles behind the services offered at Hana Spa Resort.

Entertainment Room at Hana Japanese Spa in Tehran.


In collaboration with Akebono Boeki Company, Hana Spa Resort brings the same advanced technology and methods used in Japan’s major cities, to the Middle East. The re-emergence of ancient Japanese relaxation practices redefines the spa experience in Iran.

Japanese Food at Hana Spa.


Hana Spa focuses on the best possible therapies for body and face massages designed to bring balance and equilibrium to each individual. Hana spa menu offers a range of holistic treatments and therapies from around the globe.

The service time for women is on odd days from 9:00 to 19:30 and even days + Fridays for men from 10:00 to 19:30.