Tehran’s Nature and Wildlife Museum of Darabad

Learn about Iran's local natural inhabitants!

Darabad Museum has it all in the realm of nature!

Living in Tehran’s contributing editor Samson Seez gives us a  glimpse of a very old museum collection in the far north of the city which costs only a few Toman to enter.

The Iranian capital Tehran is full of well-known museums and historical sites, but one venue is off the beaten track and is not one you would want to miss!

Nature and Wildlife Museum of Darabad was established by Tehran’s municipality in 1993.  The aim was to increase awareness of Iran’s natural and cultural heritage and to stress the importance of conservation in the country and around the planet.

Stuffed Animals

Darabad Museum
Darabad Museum

The Taxidermy galleries offer a variety of animals from around the world including South East Asia’s Bengali Tiger and Boa Constrictors. Another section shows creatures from Europe and North America like the Moose, Siberian Tiger and a Brown Bear. Delightfully for your information, these animals were NOT killed; they were found to be already dead, brought here and restored for the public to be educated.

Some of the most significant Taxidermies at the Darabad Museum are unique species native to Iran.  The critically endangered Asiatic Cheetah, which has become a national icon, is on display, along with the extremely rare Persian Zebra.  The elegant Pleske’s Ground Jay (Zaagh-e-boor) only inhabits the eastern deserts of Iran.

Insects Inn

Darabad Museum
Insects section

Butterfly lovers will enjoy what this section of insects has to offer. Examples of colourful species from different regions of the world are placed on a map of the continent in which they come from.

The bee preservation area is just outside the butterfly building. The buzzing creatures do happen to be the most critical pollinators on the planet and Iran is involved in their preservation.

Plant Art

Why not enter this beautiful building on the Darabad Museum complex, which displays dried plants that have been collected from around the world. The exhibition has been designed like a labyrinth showcasing plant species that have been neatly sealed in a dry condition. The museum’s herbology collection includes 600 plant species from Iran’s four phytogeographical regions.

Live Animals

Darabad Museum
National icon from several countries

The aquarium inside the museum provides an excellent spectacle of different fish and reptiles that live in the Middle-East. Each container or fish tank has been arranged to suit the atmosphere of the creature lurking about inside. Snake lovers can get up close and personal with a few of the most-deadly vipers on the planet. (Luckily a thick piece of glass separates you from them).

Bird lovers can even get a sneaky-peak at the enclosures that are placed outside of the gardens, ranging from peacocks, pigeons and other species.

Geology Section

This section teaches us about significant stones and rocks that exist on Earth.  You can also learn about dinosaur fossils and increase your knowledge about the history of the giant extinct mammoths. You can also learn about the history of the universe from the Big Bang onwards, the formation of galaxies, our solar system, and the earth’s three geologic eras.


The grounds of the Darabad Museum complex are lovely indeed, so you might want to take a few pictures, while you go for a stroll. You can also head to the coffee shop on the corner for some refreshments and enjoy a fabulous high view of the city, as well as the mountains.



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