About LiT

Living in Tehran (LiT) (Persian: لیوینگ این تهران ) is the first independent English language travel magazine that provides resources about traveling and living in Tehran, Iran, since 2017.

The publication started with a team of journalists from different backgrounds. Serving the rapidly growing expatriate population in Tehran, Living in Tehran‘s readership has grown significantly over the past decade. It now extends abroad due to the large expatriate Iranian population in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Based in northern Tehran, the heart of Iran’s foreign-populated population, and close to many embassies in the city, the publication has become a trusted source of information for travelers and residents.

Living in Tehran’s primary approach is to promote the Iranian way of life as well as optimism, acceptance, compromise, cooperation, civil responsibility, individualism, and respect.

It focuses on issues about those living in Tehran specifically and encourages its readership to participate in society fully and not only add to it but also learn from it. Its “Good to know” section keeps readers up to date with events and activities going around the city, and its multitude of exclusive interviews with community leaders, politicians, and dignitaries brings the reader informative, entertaining, and relevant news.

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