Jom’eh Bazaar (Friday Market)

Probably the best treat on a Friday in Tehran for those living and residents is a trip downtown to the rabbit-warren which is the Friday Market (Jomeh Bazaar) in the Parveneh multi-story parking lot.

If you’re used to the Sunday market, or a car boot sale in Europe, Australia or New Zealand, then we suggest you head down to the Jomeh Bazaar on most Fridays behind the Turkish Embassy in central Tehran.

Situated in the Parvaneh (Butterfly) multi-story parking, up to a very steep ramp and spread across several floors. The Jomeh Bazaar is one of those places where locals and foreigners bump against each other for bargains and locally made crafts.

In recent years the Jomeh Bazaar has become increasingly popular with “makers” as they are referred to in the West, usually, mid-20-somethings offers all sorts from home-made earrings to tie-died ladies manteaux. However, if you are looking for something old even an antique, then this is the place to find all sorts of odds and sods.

Currently closed due to the coronavirus epidemic in the city, we suggest when you have a chance later down the line to visit the independent craftspeople and antique dealers selling all and sundry.

Accessibility: Although everyone is welcome and there is no entrance fee for visitors, those with limited movement would find access to this market difficult as space is extremely limited. Parents with children in pushchairs and prams are advised to leave them at home or with the security guard at the top of the ramp.

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