So what kind of people work with LiT?

First, a writer of LiT has to have a genuine love for Tehran, and a desire to produce the best this city has to offer in the English language. LiT is the brainchild of a group of seasoned writers and journalists who have worked in the English language press in Iran for the past several years. We have strong standards when it comes to promoting Tehran and these must be maintained through all editorial contributions.

Publishing on LiT is not all about conjuring up clever restaurant reviews, however, it requires a lot of thought about how Tehran should be promoted to the international audience.

If you have a desire to tell the world more about Tehran and have the commitment to help us spread our brand internationally – we ultimately want your creativity to feature as part of a growing community of writers. You will need clear dedication, a creative mind, and a broad base of family and friends to help you build the best articles on our site.

If we consider your contribution top-notch we will be happy to agree on a price for your contribution – under negotiation – between our band of seasoned editors.

For more information, contact us at joinus [at] It could be the beginning of something big.

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