Tehran’s Jurassic Park fun for all the family

Our contributing editor, Samson Seez, has discovered Tehran’s Jurassic Park in his travels around the city, why not take a read of his latest park adventure!

Forget the Renaissance, the Medieval era or any other point in history, as we take you to a time before humans roamed the earth!

In the northwest corner of Tehran, you can get up close and personal with the ancient creatures that once walked the earth at Tehran Municipality’s latest offering called Tehran Dinosaur Park.

The recently created park in the city happens to be the first reported Dinosaur Park in the Middle East, and it is crawling with lifelike creatures that existed some 65mn years ago. Each of the moving motorised models posses a unique audio sample of roars so that visitors can get a good feel for what the creatures may have sounded like all those millenniums ago.

A large variety of ancient species are on show to the public with their descriptions and profiles displayed right beside them.

The park which has been built under the management of the city’s municipality consists of three hectares of land. The high-up location gives visitors a view of the city’s west side and a panoramic scene of the mountainous terrain that surrounds the area.

Walking around the outdoor museum in the warm summer temperatures is not much of a problem thanks to numerous drinking water fountains that are positioned on each trail.

From flying pterosaurs to meat-eating raptors and tyrannosauruses’, not to mention the long-necked brachiosaurus vegetarians, some of these extinct giant animals are believed to have weighed more than 5 tonnes. Unlike other museums around the world, the outdoor Iranian edition of Jurassic Park provides an opportunity for curious kids to touch and poke the dino replicas as well as get a professional photograph taken with them by staff members.

Dino Park Extras

If you have children who are crazy about dinosaurs, why not pop into the gift shop near the entrance to the park and purchase a cuddly toy. Teaching the kids about this prehistoric time is also possible, with books and DVDs on sale near the entrance.
Our kids even purchased dinosaur eggs where you leave them in the water, and they grow. Just one of the many dinosaur-related items on offer at the all-encompassing centre of historical learning!

To make things even more exciting, deep inside the park is a 4D cinema, which is positioned next to the Ice Cream stand. This day attractive venue is perfect for a day out with family and friends.



There are plenty of great parks in Tehran, why not read  City Guide section which aims to give you a better overall perspective of free and low-cost activities across the Iranian capital!

Image Credit: Ebrahim 2017

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