Ramadan in Iran 2018: What is sahari and iftar?

Sahari is the meal taken just before sunrise, before the day of fasting starts. Many hotels and cafes offer smaller buffets during this time and are working before the crack of dawn to get you ready for the long fast. Iftar is the meal to break the fast after sunset. Typically, people eat a selection of sweet fruits and dates to stave off the hunger before a more significant meal is served in the following hours.

What should you and shouldn’t do?

During Ramadan, drinking and eating in public is considered very offensive to people fasting and can attract comments from passers-by and in the worse case arrest if caught by police. If an individual wants to eat or drink during the daylight hours during Ramadan it has to be done indoors and out of public view.

Are there exceptions to Ramadan’s rules in Iran?

Several clerics have said that it is not recommended to fast for those who have underlying medical conditions or women who are pregnant. However, the same rules apply to those people as well in public. If you are going on a long journey which takes several hours, then the usual rules do not apply, and tourist destinations and motorways service stations offer food and drink to give you respite from the hot sun.

What are the rules for dressing in Ramadan?

Iran has set rules how women should dress including the mandatory hijab. It is advised that people do not wear revealing or tight-fitting clothing and ensure most areas are covered like the rest of the year.

Charity in Ramadan, what to do?

Charity is an essential part of Islam and is even more significant during the holy period. It is always good for companies to offer Ramadan treats as sundown occurs, and special events sponsored by firms are becoming an increasingly important part of the period.

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