“Epic Iran” – An Enlightening Journey Through Iran’s Historical and Cultural Legacy

“Epic Iran” is an extraordinary testament to the depth and resilience of Iranian civilization. Compiling an array of 250 fascinating objects and visuals, it casts a bright light on the largely unexplored, but rich, 5,000-year-old history of Iran. By offering a nuanced understanding of how civilized life first emerged around 3,200 BC, and how an unmistakable Iranian identity was shaped 2,500 years ago, this book is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in Iranian history and culture.

The pages of “Epic Iran” are brought to life with lavish illustrations, which capture the imagination and transport readers back in time. From ancient metalwork, ceramics, glass, and textiles to vibrant carpets, oil paintings, and illustrated manuscripts, every artifact narrates a tale of the Iranian spirit. The book’s visual journey doesn’t end in the past, but seamlessly extends into the present, featuring the works of contemporary artists and artisans. This blending of the past and the present underscores the enduring influence of Iran’s rich cultural heritage on today’s creative practitioners.

Celebrating Iran’s Rich Historical and Cultural Heritage through “Epic Iran”

“Epic Iran” is not merely a catalogue of artifacts but a comprehensive narrative that links the aesthetic, religious, and linguistic traits forming the unique Iranian identity. It masterfully illustrates how these traits have survived the sands of time, continuously shaping and expressing themselves through artistic evolution and the persistent use of the Persian language.

The book does a remarkable job of showcasing treasures from both ancient and Islamic worlds, demonstrating the intricate tapestry of influences that have shaped Iran. It fills a significant gap in global understanding of the Iranian civilization, and in doing so, facilitates a dialogue between Iran and the rest of the world. This dialogue is especially pertinent in the modern context, where misconceptions about Iran often overshadow its historical grandeur and cultural richness.

Great for students and people interested in Iran

“Epic Iran” is a valuable addition to the libraries of historians, art lovers, students, and anyone interested in exploring the depths of Persian culture and history. Its greatest achievement, perhaps, is its ability to bring the grandeur of Iran’s past to the doorstep of every reader, revealing a legacy that continues to thrive and inspire today.

In conclusion, “Epic Iran” is more than a historical chronicle; it’s a tribute to the enduring spirit of Iran and its people. A must-read for anyone eager to delve into the heart of one of the world’s greatest civilizations and comprehend its distinctive identity that continues to impact modern-day Iran and beyond.

Where to buy Epic Iran outside the country?

This book is available on Amazon  here on this link  

Inside Iran, you may find a copy at one of the many book shops in the city of Tehran.

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