Escape the Room: Brain Game Centre in Tehran

Brain Game Centre of Tehran …


If you think you are smart and find yourself ready for some mental challenges, Tehran’s Brain Game Center in northern Tehran is our suggestion for you and your friends this month!

Walking on the streets of Tehran can always be fun as there are many new shops or new places opening all the time. But if you love street photography and you happen to look at things around you with a little bit more curiosity, then you might be lucky even to find some cool places like the one we saw recently.

Its called the Brain Game Center (BGC) in Tajrish. Boasted as the only franchise of Brain Games in Iran and the most significant brain game centre in the Middle East, the BGC includes two different departments.

The game centre includes the “Escape Room Corridor” which includes ten different rooms, each with different exciting and mysterious game scenarios, and a “Board Game Café” where people can play with dozens of board games while having food or drink.

A Greek import!

The Brain Game company, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, is famous for its alternative amusement and escape rooms. In each game, the players have 60 minutes to escape from rooms which are full of riddles and puzzles.

The game centre has ten different rooms which are as following: Illusions, Prison Madness, Around the World in 60 Minutes, Seven, The Antidote, Save the General, Orient Express, the Rules, the Franchiser and the Museum. The games have different difficulty level and are most suitable for groups of 2 to 4 or maximum six people.

The unique atmosphere of the building which enjoys beautiful decoration which nicely combines reality with a fairytale can be felt right from the entrance point.

So, if you and your friends have the observation, speed and team spirit, trying one of the escape rooms of your choosing is a must. By the way, the BGC offers a special discount for those paying a visit on Saturday.

The BGC is open every day from 3 pm to 12 pm, and you can even reserve your game online. The working hours during Ramadan are from 12 pm to 3 am.

Where is Brain Game Centre?

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