Ultimate Guide: Tehran’s Milad Tower Complex

Everything About the World's Sixth Tallest Tower in Tehran!

If you don’t already know Tehran’s Milad Tower has a great selection of places for families local and foreign to see and do while spending time in Tehran. The tower is the sixth tallest in the world and the 24th tallest freestanding structure in the world, according to international statistics. Tickets are cheap by international standards, and the ride up in the lift is rather exciting as you can see the ground floor with the glass panels surrounding you.

Milad Tower Observation Deck

On the upper observation deck, due to the clean air of nobody in the city, you can often see for miles around, making it a perfect spot for some photography. The megacity of Tehran is breathtaking from the upper observation deck, so why not visit the amazing top floor?

Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant

If you’re flush with cash, there is also a special restaurant on the upper floors, where you can dine with your family and try some of the best kebabs in Tehran! The food is a buffet but you can also order from the set menu.

The view is spectacular. The service was good, the staff were very friendly which is rather rare in Iran. That’s while the lift up to the restaurant was breathtaking if you haven’t tried.

Don’t worry it doesn’t spin too fast!

Waxwork Museum

Milad Tower is also home to Iran’s Madame Tussauds-like center of waxworks. With the latest edition of the collection former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani. Other famous Iranians are also around the top floor of the tower, making it an exciting day out.

Karbazia (kids’ play center)

Called Karbazia “Work & Play” the center allows children to learn about several jobs including being a mechanic, policeman, airline pilot, and much more. Dedicated to children ages 2-13, the center aims to show what the world of work is like but positioned in a way that allows kids to have fun still!

The activities in Karbazia include handicrafts, cooking houses, labs, post offices, hospitals, aircraft, music academies, stores, fire stations, news studios, police, mechanical, test site (driving), theatres, sandpit, and robotics.

In addition to the inside play area, Milad Tower also has many climbing frames for children outside of the base of the tower. They can even go around in little push cars to keep them entertained!

Special Events & Concerts

Milad Tower has several festivals around the ground floor entrance with tribal people setting up camp and showing you their way of life. While there are several amazing events held around the site every month including during holiday periods.

Fajr Festival

During the local and international Fajr Film Festival held each year, the site also lends itself to performances and screenings from several locations. If you’re looking to spot and even meet some of Iran’s most famous actors, be sure to visit during the film festival!

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