Navab Bath House in Iran’s Tehran

The Navab bath house dates back to the Qajar era. The Navab Bath house has been registered on the list of Iranian National Works in 2006.

Unfortunately if you are looking for a classic “Turkish style baths” we’re still looking for them.

Currently, this historical bath is the Tehran Handicraft Center where arts and crafts made by local students and artisans is sold to tourists and visitors to the city. You can find many different items of local works and some unique things not found elsewhere in the city.

The bath has an area of several hundred square meters created by Haj Alireza Qanat supplied the site.

The baths are located in one of the oldest historic districts of Tehran. This Bath is situated in an alley which ends to the Emamzadeh Yahya another great place to visit if you are in Tehran.

Using this place as a location of some scenes of an old film called Qeysar is the main reason for the fame of the Navab Bath house. Qeysar was made in 1969, which was considered a landmark in the Iranian cinema; this film gives Iranians a sense of nostalgia.

This bath, like the other baths, comprises different parts: Vestibule that is the entrance of the bath; Sarbineh or changing room; Garmkhaneh that is a place to wash and bath; W.C. to prevent the waste of heat and optimal use of water resources, the Navab Bath house was built below the ground. Chale-Howz is like a small pond with cold water to swimming.

The Chale-Howz of the Navab Bath house was one the biggest one in Tehran. Due to restoring the bath, the main ornamentation of this bath has ruined during the time.

Where is Navab Bath House?

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