Cossack House in Tehran

Cossack House

Cossack House or Qazagh Khaneh, an age-old structure of aesthetic and historical significance, is nestled in the heart of Tehran, Iran. This mansion, deemed the oldest administrative building in Tehran, opens a window to the country’s glorious past and stands as a testimony to its unique architectural grandeur.

Cossack House

History and Construction

Constructed under the directive of Muzaffar al-Din Shah Qajar in 1271 Hijri-Shamsi, the mansion’s construction was completed during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah. Positioned directly across from the entrance to the National Garden, the mansion bears a significant role in Iran’s historical narrative.

Nasser al-Din Shah, after his visit to Russia, was greatly influenced by the disciplined and structured lifestyle of the Russian Cossacks. He requested Russia to send a military officer to Iran to provide military training to the Caucasian horsemen living there. Subsequently, the Russians sent a group of Cossacks, supervised by Colonel Dumantovich, to Iran.

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Cossack House

Architecture of Cossack House

The architecture of Qazagh Khaneh Mansion is a harmonious blend of Neo-classic and modern styles, incorporating elements of Iranian and European architecture. This monument was located in the middle of the parade ground, and in the northern and southern part of its highest floor (the third floor), there were two porches where the Shah could witness military ceremonies.

Over the years, the mansion has served various functions and has been part of three historical periods:

  • The Qajar era: A military barracks
  • The era of Reza Shah: Ministry of War
  • After the revolution Purchased by the University of Art for educational purposes, and some parts of it have been restored to date.
    Cossack House

National Registration

The Qazagh Khaneh Mansion was nationally registered on March 18, 2007, under number 18674.

Visiting Cossack House

Located on Imam Khomeini Street at the entrance to the National Garden, you can reach the mansion via personal transportation, metro, or bus.

  • By Metro: Use Metro Line 1 and get off at Imam Khomeini station. A brief 330-meter walk on Imam Khomeini Street will lead you to the mansion.
  • By Bus: Use buses from the 376 line (Fayaz Bakhsh Terminal-Vasal Terminal) and get off at the City Park stop. The Qazagh Khaneh Mansion is just 200 meters away from the stop.

So, the mansion remains open for public viewing from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily and entry is free of cost. Visit the mansion’s official website here for more information.

Also, while visiting the site you can also see other buildings including the Post Museum, Foreign Ministry building and the Malek Museum, see more here.

Dive into the rich tapestry of Iran’s history and culture by visiting the Qazagh Khaneh Mansion—a timeless symbol of the country’s architectural prowess and military past.

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