Mahsa Amini Street Tehran, what’s in a name?

Mahsa Amini Street Tehran.


In a response to the outpouring of anger following the death of Mahsa Amini in Tehran, people have descended on the streets in protest.

Following the 22-year-old’s death earlier last week, many in Iran have been upset with the handling of the situation and the hijab law by authorities and the police. Since then, reports of a street named after Mahsa Amini in Tehran have appeared online.

What is happening in Tehran?

Social media posts on Twitter and Facebook in recent days show men changing the signs of Hijab Street to “Mahsa Amini Street” in Tehran. But is this real?

Not according to local news agencies. Despite an outpouring of anger on the issue, no decision has been made.

Other pictures show graffiti over the Persian writing “Hijab Street” in demonstration of the legal rule on wearing hijab in the country.

According to the local City Council, no streets have been renamed in Mahsa Amini’s honor in recent days.

However, online activists and internet cartographers have recently renamed the Morality Police Station to Mahsa Amini.


What is happening daily?

Since the death of Mahsa Amini last week, there is a daily occurrence of protests against the government and the obligatory hijab law in Tehran and many other cities across Iran, while government supporters have held two counter-rallies in recent days.

There have been several reports in recent days of people who have died in protests across the country, according to IRIB and press reports.

Following Mahsa Amini’s death and those who also died in recent days, Living in Tehran would like to pass on our condolences to their families and to the Iranian nation.

What to do if you find yourself in a protest or rally?

Our advice, especially if you are a foreigner in Tehran, is to walk the other way.



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