Cheshmeh Ali in Tehran

Cheshmeh Ali

Introduction to Cheshmeh Ali

Cheshmeh Ali, an 8000-year-old spring situated in Shahr-e Rey, Iran, is known for its scenic beauty and rich historical importance. The spring, initially named Surin, flows from beneath a rocky slab, providing an oasis of calm and tranquility.

The Prominent Relief of Qajars

The site is particularly known for a bas-relief that features Fath Ali Shah, the second Qajar king, and his 16 sons. The king is depicted sitting on a throne amidst his sons, all sporting long beards and donning Qajar attire. This tableau aims to portray the power and influence of the Qajar rule. A similar depiction can be found in the Negarestan Palace’s hall.

The creation of this bas-relief during Fath Ali Shah’s reign had a compelling backstory. In the Safavid era, Shahr-e Rey was a distinct province, and Tehran was a lush, pleasant village under Rey’s jurisdiction. Gradually, during the Zand period, Tehran gained urban status, and soon after became the capital of the Qajar dynasty. Rey maintained its significance as a major city, and Cheshmeh Ali was seen as the perfect place to symbolize Fath Ali Shah’s royal power.

The Historical Significance of Cheshmeh Ali

Fath Ali Shah was influenced by the Sassanian kings’ art, inspired by the stone carvings of Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rostam. The bas-relief is meant to symbolize the Shah’s power and his descendants, intended to serve as a lasting reminder of the Shah’s formidable rule.

The bas-relief bears two inscriptions with verses by Andalib and the Diwan’s owner, one stating that no one is wiser or more knowledgeable than Fath Ali Shah, the other saying, “His fury made the world’s kings narrow.”

Where is Cheshmeh Ali?

Also, For private vehicles, you can take Azadegan Highway, enter Shahid Rajaei Highway, and then Avini Highway. Follow the road straight until you reach Cheshmeh Ali park.

Morever, if you are using the metro, take line 1 and alight at the Shahr-e Rey station. From there, you can take a taxi to Cheshmeh Ali park.

Please note: This site was registered nationally on April 29, 1999, under the number 2284.

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