Discover “Jo Generation Z”: The Fresh Vibe of Tehran

Jo Generation Z

In Tehran’s ever-evolving dining scene, the name “Jo” or “Jo Grill Food” might strike a chord, especially if you’ve been uptown. This reputable establishment has likely been your go-to spot over the years, providing the perfect ambience for work meetings, family dinners, friendly catch-ups, or simply passing the time at Jo Generation Z.

Now it’s time to get familiar with “Jo Generation Z“, the newest addition to the Jo family. It brings an innovative philosophy, exciting design, and a new range of dishes.

Jo Generation Z

Why “Jo Generation Z”?

You might wonder about the rationale behind the restaurant’s name. In general, individuals born around the same era often share certain moral characteristics, and these shared attributes define a generation. From Baby Boomers born post World War II to Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2010, this categorization holds significance.

Generation Z is known for their high willpower, craving for freedom, courage, immersion in the digital world, challenging what previous generations built and established, and an overall turbulent and tumultuous spirit.

Jo Generation Z


With the explanation above, you might think that “Jo Generation Z” is exclusively catering to those born in the late ’90s and ’00s. But, that’s not the case. The restaurant seeks to imbibe and promote those attributes associated with Generation Z that can be found in any individual, regardless of age.

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Restaurant Design

The design of Jo Generation Z aligns with this generation’s features and showcases a unique dynamism in its space. The restaurant has considered the aspect of working on a laptop and introduced social tables as well as single tables, perfect for when you need just enough space for one, want to enjoy a high-energy meal, and focus on work or a project.

Jo Generation Z

Other Jo Outlets

Although Jo Z has certain distinct elements compared to other Jo branches at Bamlend, Zafaraniyeh, and Gharb Town. The new sub-brand also shares the same overall ambience.

For instance, the signature use of the color green, the inclusion of greenery, and the furniture layout with benches on one side and single chairs. These assert that despite its modern edge, this Jo is still very much the Jo we know!

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Where is Jo Generation Z?

You can find it here:

Jo Generation Z Instagram

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