Vartan House: Tehran’s New Architecture Center

New Architecture Center in Tehran

Step into the enchanting world of Vartan House, a meticulously restored early 20th-century villa located in the heart of central Tehran. This magnificent three-floor architectural gem, adorned with stunning details, now serves as a thriving community arts center. Immerse yourself in its captivating ambiance, surrounded by a spacious garden and complemented by a charming café. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or simply seeking a tranquil escape from the bustling city, Vartan House welcomes you with open doors. Discover its timeless beauty and immerse yourself in a truly unforgettable experience.

Downtown Tehran, if you do not already know, is becoming a hub of culture and creativity. Many of the rundown shop fronts along Enqelab Street, Baharestan Square, and Taleqani Street have seen millions of dollars of municipal money spent on them to spruce up the areas.

Who was Vartan Hovanessian?

The building was designed by Iranian-Armenian architect Vartan Hovanessian, he was an integral player in the development of 20th-century Tehran architecture creating several buildings in Tehran including the central branch of Bank Sepah in downtown Tehran as well as the Ferdowsi, and Darband hotels to name a few.

Neglected for several decades the former architect’s home is now a center for architecture with a café, art and crafts store, and flower shop. The location also offers several conferences and seminars on the ground floor.


The home is also now the location of the annual Tehran Architecture Biennale, according to previous reports, with guests from the government often giving speeches on urban renewal.

Accordingly, Tehran’s premier bookshop Shahr Ketab has taken over operations in conjunction with the Tehran Municipality to offer the location as a place to spend in the garden and drink a good cup of coffee.

Where is Vartan House?

Not far from Tehran University of Fine Arts, Vartan House is located in the central location of the west of Vali-Asr and Felestin (Palestine) Square. It is a large building so you will not miss it.

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