Best Horse Riding Clubs in Tehran

Equestrian sports in Tehran

Have time and money for equestrian sports? Here are the best horse riding clubs in Tehran! Whether you are an expat or a long-term Tehran resident, we’ve researched the full list!

Horse riding has been an integral part of Islamic societies worldwide, with it even appearing in the hadiths from the time of the Prophet Mohammad (AS).

Knowing the sport is as old as  Middle Eastern and Persian culture, there are plenty of horse riding schools in and around the capital Tehran for all ages for locals and foreign visitors alike.

Does Tehran Have Horse Riding Clubs? 

Yes! Tehran has several clubs specifically designed for novices all the way to expert level. Below we list all the clubs we could discover in Tehran and their contact details.

Horse Riding Clubs in Tehran

Firstly, As with anywhere else in the region, horse riding is an expensive hobby, however, there are several classes for families and children to have a trot around enclosed facilities in the capital city which will give an introduction at affordable prices.

Also, Iran also has its very own Equestrian Federation with annual races held across the country. The website, which is updated in Persian regularly has the latest information about riding horses in the country.

Moreover, horse riding has grown in popularity in recent years in Tehran. The biggest horse riding complex opening in the city a decade ago and becoming incredibly popular with parents.

maktab shaki
Maktab-e Shaki

Maktab-e Shaki Equestrian Club

The oldest equestrian center in Tehran is Maktab Shaki, located in the Evin area of Tehran, and has several tutors who can help you become an expert in horse riding for all the family.

Contact Detail & Address:

Address: Evin Road, Tehran
Website: Facebook page
Telephone: +989128505030

Azmoon Equestrian Club

Azmoon Horse Riding Club

Azmoon Equestrian Club is one of the clubs located in western Tehran, near Azadi Stadium. Managed by Ms. Malika Ghorooy, this club is actively operating. Its exceptional facilities have made it one of the popular equestrian clubs in Tehran. The club welcomes enthusiasts of equestrianism at various levels, including beginners and advanced students.

Facilities and Features

Azmoon Equestrian Club boasts an array of top-notch facilities and features, elevating it to the status of a sought-after equestrian destination in Tehran. Here’s a glimpse of the amenities available at the club:

  1. Competition Manege: The club houses a spacious and well-maintained competition manege, providing an ideal setting for equestrian competitions.
  2. Training Manege: A dedicated training manege is available for riders to refine their skills, under the guidance of qualified instructors.
  3. Covered Manege: In addition to open spaces, the club offers a covered manege, allowing riders to train in any weather conditions.
  4. Horse Boarding: Azmoon Equestrian Club provides horse boarding facilities, ensuring the well-being and care of horses in their stables.
  5. Jumping Manege: A specialized jumping manege is available for riders interested in the thrilling discipline of show jumping.
  6. Veterinary Clinic: The club houses an on-site veterinary clinic to address the healthcare needs of the horses, ensuring their optimal health and well-being.
  7. Equestrian Equipment Shop: For riders in need of gear and equipment, the club features a well-stocked shop offering a wide range of equestrian supplies.
  8. Restaurant: A restaurant within the club premises allows riders and spectators to relax and rejuvenate while enjoying delicious meals and refreshments.

Training Programs of Azmoon Equestrian Club

Azmoon Equestrian Club takes pride in its team of coaches approved by the Equestrian Federation, who are dedicated to providing high-quality training programs.

The club caters to riders of all ages and skill levels. The training programs include:

  • Age group 5 to 9 years: These young riders are introduced to the world of equestrianism using miniature horses.
  • Age group 10 to 14 years: Pony horses are utilized to nurture the skills and abilities of riders in this age range.
  • Adult Group: The club welcomes adults seeking to embark on or further their equestrian journey, providing tailored training programs to suit their individual needs

Location of Azmoon Equestrian Club


Abrash Horse Club Tehran

Abrash Horse Riding Club

Abrash Horse Riding Complex which was constructed in 2009 is situated over an area of 8 hectares by District 22 in the west of the city.

It is located in the west of Chitgar Park and includes roofed spaces and a ground floor with an area of 2,500 sq. m.

The first floor of the complex is 1,400 sq. m. in the area and includes 17 suites for coaches, training classes, conference hall, as well as administration and a special lounge for visitors. There are also reception areas as well as residential facilities and recreations for children.

Public and private parking lots are other parts of the complex. It has also five manèges with an overall area of 2,000 square meters.

Location of Abrash Horse Riding Club

Jam Riding Club Tehran

Jam Horseriding Club Tehran

Hemmat Equestrian Club, under the leadership of Master Mehdi Jamshidkhani and Colonel Nashati Bozorg, was established in 1993 on a spacious five-hectare area. For many years, this club has been devoted to preserving and promoting the prestigious sport of equestrianism and fostering proper horsemanship culture.

With the participation of renowned champions and the publication of over 20 books, the club continues to thrive. Mr. Mehdi Jamshidkhani, the father of Mr. Maziar Jamshidkhani, a national show jumping champion, plays a significant role in the club. The management of Jam Equestrian Club is led by Mr. Babak Jamshidkhani.

One of the club’s notable features is its location amidst untouched nature, providing an ideal environment for horse preparation. The serene and private atmosphere within the club is perfect for leisurely walks, often referred to as the “path of equine and rider well-being.” These positive attributes have attracted a strong following of equestrian enthusiasts to this club.

Contact details: 02155243040

Location of Jam Riding Club

Bam Riding Club Tehran

Bam Equestrian Club Tehran

Bam Equestrian Club has been built in the heart of Tehran’s Chitgar Park with an area of ​​55,000 square meters. This club includes spaces such as competition mange, 3 training and training mange, boarding house and main stable for horses, high riding school, clinic and 24-hour surgery center for horses, administrative department, management, shop, restaurant, hospitality suites, parking lot. And other parts needed by a club are up to date.

The main mange of the club is one of the largest, most equipped and standard mange in the Middle East, which has hosted many domestic and foreign competitions. This club has 200 standard stables built on an area of ​​about 4000 meters.

This club is among the most modern and scientific clubs in the country, whose competition and training grounds are built according to the most up-to-date international standards. Bam Riding Club has the first excellent riding school in the Middle East.

Telephone: 09202561069

Location of Bam Equestrian Club

Part Pony Club
Part Pony Club

Part Pony Club

Beyond horse riding clubs in tehran, there is Part Pony Club and Horse Breeding Complex is situated in the city of Qarchak, located in the southeastern region of Tehran Province. This facility has been established with the aim of breeding, raising, and maintaining purebred Iranian horses for sports purposes.

The complex is home to breeds such as Turkmen, Friesian, and the renowned Caspian horses, known as Asbcheh-e Khazar in Persian, which are used for sports, breeding, maintenance, and training. Part Pony Club is recognized as one of the prominent equestrian complexes in Tehran Province.

Within this complex, services such as equestrian training for children and adults, horse boarding, and competition horse training are provided. In recent years, the Part Horse Breeding Complex, in collaboration with the Equestrian Federation, has organized competitions under the title of “Entrepreneur’s Cup.”


Telephone:0919 135 65 20

Ariasb Horse Riding Club
Ariasb Equestrian and Archery Club

Located within the Chitgar Park complex, the Ariasb Equestrian and Archery Club is considered one of the largest equestrian clubs in the western area of Tehran. Under the management of Mr. Hadi Saai, a world champion in Taekwondo, this facility has been actively involved in equestrian and archery activities for approximately ten years. The Ariasb Club is among the centers under the supervision of the Tehran Municipality, and its positive attributes include easy access via the metro and the major highway network.

Shohada Equestrian Club
Shohada Equestrian Club

Shohada Equestrian Club (Firooze Palace)

Shohada Equestrian Club, located in the eastern part of Tehran, has been actively operating for approximately 75 years. With its vast 70-hectare area, this club is one of the largest equestrian complexes in Tehran and serves as the main hub for polo.

Polo, known as chogan, is the world’s first team sport. Additionally, the Equestrian University is also situated within this facility.

With its four maneges (riding arenas) for competitions, show jumping, equestrianism, and polo, this club is considered the oldest equestrian club in Tehran.

Furthermore, the Applied Scientific Education Center of the Equestrian Federation operates within this club, offering educational programs in coaching, sports facility management, animal husbandry, and horse breeding at the diploma and bachelor’s degree levels.

Contact Details

Telephone: +982177171125

Location of Shohada Equestrian Club

Al-Ghadir Equestrian Club

Al-Ghadir Equestrian Club

Al-Ghadir Equestrian Club, due to its traffic-free route and easy accessibility for equestrian enthusiasts, is considered one of the most popular clubs in the northeastern part of Tehran.

Established in 2006 by the efforts of the martyr and disabled Colonel Seyyed Hassan Joozi and with the official approval of the Islamic Republic Equestrian Federation, this club is currently being managed by the esteemed Mr. Hesam Joozi, an official coach of the federation.

Club Facilities and Features: Among the services offered by Al-Ghadir Equestrian Club is equestrian training for beginners to advanced riders. With the consideration of the needs of all age groups and the presence of specialized and experienced instructors, the club provides services to men, women, and children throughout the year.

Other services provided by the club include horse boarding and stabling. The club has four stables and multiple boxes, all of which meet high standards and are capable of accommodating and boarding professional and competition horses. Additionally, Al-Ghadir Equestrian Club, with its various maneges for competitions, training, and education, as well as its unique riding trails, is an excellent choice for selecting an equestrian club.

General admission to the club is free for spectators who wish to watch horse riding activities. Another benefit of the club is its beautiful natural surroundings and free park space, providing an ideal environment for leisure activities.

Contact Details of Al-Ghadir Equestrian Club

Telephone: +989121470250


Location of Al-Ghadir Equestrian Club

Interested in sports in Tehran? Then we have a full listing here. find out more!

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