Top supermarket brands in Tehran

If you take a look in Tehran, you’ll see many local grocery stores scattered around the city, in fact, independent traders make up the bulk of the city’s daily shopping experience. However, in recent years we’ve seen massive growth in the number of branded supermarkets and so-called discounters.

Living in Tehran will now explain who are the players and what kind of products you can find at those more leading supermarkets.


The previous leader in the market, Ekta, has some nearly 500 outlets in Iran, with several dotted around Tehran on main streets. The supermarket is one of the oldest operating in the country, with a wide range of foods and non-food items for sale. Supermarket size is on the larger size, and you will find a wide range of products in its stores.

Shahrvand Chain Stores

Shahrvand is one of the largest stores represented across Tehran is several locations, one the most significant examples of this store is located near Argentine Square in north-central Tehran, we the added addition of ample parking.

The store sells most major brands available in the local market, and with the added benefit of international imported foods as well. In the Argentine Square branch, the supermarket also has a sizeable non-food section with white goods and kitchen equipment.

HyperStar Iran

HyperStar Iran is the only foreign-owned supermarket in Tehran operated by France’s Carrefour, with several branches situated across the city. The largest of which to our knowledge is their original branch in the west of the city. In recent years, the brand has pushed ahead with expansion plans and now has stores situated in several locations underneath new malls, including Tirajeh 2 near the Imam Hossein Square area of Tehran.The supermarket is one of the leading brands in the country offering a wide range of international foods, which would be hard to find elsewhere.


Refah Chain stores are one of the older brands in Iran, with some 200 branches across the country. The supermarket is famous for set prices and a wide range of products on offer including home appliances and clothing. Most local food brands are sold at the supermarket.


Ofogh Koorosh

Ofogh Koorosh is the number one supermarket in Iran, regarding the number of stores. According to its figures, the supermarket has 700 stores dotted across the country, with a staggering amount opening up all over Tehran in recent years. The range of foods offered by the brand is limited, as it is a significant discounter and offers prices lower than the printed price on the packet. However, the downside of this is that you may not find the same item the next time you return to the store.


Like its counterpart above, Canbo is a discounter supermarket, with several of the stores opening across the city on a yearly basis. The company has a limited range of basic staples and aims to boost its market share by offering specific discounts on specific items.


Carrying on with our discounter theme, Haft (7) is one of the newer arrivals in the city. Despite steady growth, the supermarket has less than its counterparts, Ofogh Koorosh and Canbo. Despite these points, the range of items on offer by the company is roughly the same as the other two discounters.

There are also other brands, like Khooneh be Khooneh, Sepah Cooperatives and Pegah operating in the city, however, their range of products is less known in the market.




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