Cost of renting office space in Tehran

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There are plenty of great options for working in Tehran. Also, there are dozens of other options which may not break the bank with added benefits that may not seem noticeable at first!

The most popular areas in Tehran for working are in the regions that stretch from Argentine Square to Tajrish Square. You could say, all neighbourhoods between older Shariati St and its sibling of Valiasr St are fair game for office districts.

But as more people are looking for professional office space, it has become increasingly expensive to open in prime locations across Tehran.

Office space rental in Africa-Nelson Mandela “Jordan” area

According to our research on local website, the cost of a 12-month deposit (which you get back at the end of the contract) on a 40 metre squared office space around Jordan start from IRR2.5bn. This is while that same space would cost you an additional IRR150mn a month in rent.

Bumping that office space up to 54 metres squared, the deposit jumps from IRR3bn, while a month’s rent increases to IRR400mn.

Moving further north towards Tajrish, you can now expect to pay a deposit IRR4bn and IRR200mn or above monthly on a 154 squared office/residential space.

Affordable options

There are, however, other options to lower your costs when working in Tehran. These include formal agreements with shared office companies like Servcorp, which offer a range of suites and co-working spaces also charging in rials and as are great value for your money!

Hot Desking Option

According to Servcorp’s website, a “hot desk” is available at its offices in Tehran for as little as IRR12,500,00 per month. This means you can use any desk available, while also having access to 40,000 international colleagues.

This package includes access to coworking lounge at a home location, secure and high-speed WiFi, printing, copiers and scanners from any connected desk, which is just some of the benefits. For more information check out their website here.

Dedicated Desk Option

Another option is the dedicated desk, which gives you personalised working space, great views of the city and fellow Servcorp ‘imagineeers’ for camaraderie. From IRR22.5mn per month, you can cut your costs while enjoying a luxury office environment.

This option offers several great perks including office space, access to meeting areas and other additional benefits at affordable rates. Also, people can choose to use the office’s postal address for their business cards and letterheads.

Also, if you require a landline option, this is also an additional package which costs IRR2,500,000 per month.

So, if you’re trying to cut your costs and keep a presence in the Iranian market, why not consider our suggestions why not contact Sogol Joudi at Servcorp Tehran for further information on how to take advantage of the excellent services on offer.

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