Food van fiesta! Check out Bab Homayoun St

Bab Homayoun more than men's suits

You may already know about 30 Tir Street on the side of the National Museum of Iran, but just a few blocks down, there is also another range of food vans on Bab Homayoun St south of Imam Khomeini Square (formally Toop Khooneh (Cannonball House Sq.).

Old Tehran is getting a new lease of life these days, with the Tehran Municipality offering many of the formerly quiet areas in the evening to the citizenry to enjoy, and also to give the area a new lease of life.

The range of foods on freshly prepared on a daily basis range from the local to the international. More interesting is the selection of delicious foods to take home, as well.

So why not check out Bab Homayoun Street for the delectable delights on offer currently. Best time to head down would be at dusk as the summer heat recedes and the town cools off.

“Reconstructed as a tourist attraction to resemble Old Tehran.. Nice peddlers and atmosphere.. worth a visit for a stroll for a local or 1 hour explore for a tourist .. try ab doogh khiar!” That’s according to Zaahak.

Not just street food, but suits

Also, if you didn’t know further down the street you find a fabulous selection of very affordable men’s suits shops and bazaars, so if you’re looking to update your dress for half the price of uptown, this is a place to head to!

Bab Homayoun is also not far from Park e-Shahr (City Park) probably the oldest public park in the city, which offers many facilities including a small theme park for kids, as well as bird park!



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