Keep an eye on your mobile bill in Iran, prices are moving up!

Local media reports that the price of locally made phone calls by the two main mobile networks is heading upward in trajectory due to the devaluation of the rial.

A report in the Financial Tribune says that the price of per minute calls by the two main networks are now currently set at the same price at IRR599 for calls to MCI and Irancell numbers while pay-as-you-go numbers will pay a higher per minute charge of IRR899 per call to both networks.

Calls to landlines have also been price matched at IRR599 on both networks denoting a 34.2% increase from the previous rate.

Check out the rate changes below. 


Subscription Type Operator Contacting subscribers with Cost per Minute (IRR) – Before Cost per Minute (IRR) – New Change %
Prepaid MCI MCI Calls 570 599 5.1
Prepaid MCI Irancell Calls 625 599 -4.2
Prepaid MCI Landline Calls 570 599 5.1
Pay-as-you-go MCI MCI Calls 670 899 34.2
Pay-as-you-go MCI Irancell Calls 937 899 -4.1
Pay-as-you-go MCI Landline Calls 670 899 34.2
Prepaid Irancell Irancell Calls 333 599 79.9
Prepaid Irancell MCI Lines 333 599 79.9
Prepaid Irancell Landline Calls 333 599 79.9
Pay-as-you-go Irancell Irancell Calls 799 899 12.5
Pay-as-you-go Irancell MCI Calls 929 899 -3.2
Pay-as-you-go Irancell Landline Calls 669 899 34.4


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