Where to Celebrate 2020 in Tehran?

The clock is ticking fast and not much is left to the end of 2019.  While there are some who like to celebrate the beginning of the new year at home with their family and friends, you might be among those who like to celebrate 2020 somewhere else.

We’ve prepared a list of some good restaurants in Tehran which are having a special celebration for the new year.


1- Didaniha Restaurant

Located in central Tehran and across Sa’ee Park, the Didaniha Restaurant offers a variety of foods that includes Iranian and seafood. You can enjoy live music and of course, use the smoking section if you are a smoker.



2- Amirsoltan Restaurant

Located near Ferdowsi square, the restaurant is a Qajari-era mansion in Laleh Zaar area which was previously known as Tareeqat restaurant. The mansion has now become a nostalgic place where modernity meets tradition. The restaurant has announced special programs for New Year’s Eve. Live music, all kinds of desert and hookah are among its offerings.



3-  Buddies Cafe & Restaurant

The modern and yet weird restaurant is located in Gandi Street. It has a unique decoration and can be regarded as different from other restaurants we are most used to.



4- Salemna Restaurants

If you’re looking for a all-in-one restaurant that has all kinds of food depending on your taste. Unlike the previous options, the restaurant is located in Western Tehran and you won’t have any problems with parking your car. The price range is a bit high but it is said to be worth the quality.



5- Kalook Restaurant

Kalook is a great restaurant in northeastern Tehran where you can find all kinds of cuisines ranging from Iranian to Arabic and Italian. The owners boast to have a professional restaurant where you can enjoy good family time with your relatives and friends. You can enjoy the balcony if you prefer but make sure to make reservations early as it is a popular venue for many.



Please note that due to high demand during special events we highly recommend you to call and reserve your seats at any of the above-mentioned restaurants.

Living in Tehran and the team wishes you and your family a prosperous and happy 2020 and like to Thank You for being part of the team.

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