Where to buy Pianos in Tehran

After a while, life in Tehran does indeed amplify one’s musical vibes, and therefore, you may want to consider buying an instrument like a piano. On Larestan Street, just off Motahari (Takht-e Tavoos), you will find a wide range of pianos (many digital) in several shops selling at international prices, but naturally in local currency.

Why buy from retailers on Larestan Street?

The latest models by prominent makers like Yamaha and several others are on display where you can test play and be provided with excellent sales services.

Purchasing a digital piano while living in Tehran is highly recommended as you’ll have volume control and headphone sockets (essential for non-sound proof Tehran apartments). Indeed, you won’t ever need a piano tuner (it’s electric and in perfect tone).

Another bonus that comes with digital pianos is the midi-interface, which allows you to take music to the next level, connecting your instrument to a computer for recording and producing – and possibly even selling.
Buying a digital piano on Larestan Street will also give you decent long-term guarantees and special delivery services.

Bare in mind; digital pianos are lighter, making them more convenient to move around. They are also very easy to assemble and take apart with just a screwdriver.

Pricing a serious consideration

A digital piano will only cost you an average of 5mn Tomans ($1,200) as compared to an upright acoustic piano, which would come no less than 30mn Tomans (approx.$6000).

In comparison to traditional acoustic pianos. Digital pianos have come on in recent years. Not only will a digital piano save you a fortune compared with a conventional model, but also save your living room space.
There are several amazing stores selling all the best Japanese and European branded items, for prices not much different to Europe.

All types of pianos are available in Tehran for those who know what they want. Larestan street is also becoming a haunt for Tehran’s hipster crowd with several fantastic cafes and small eateries opening up. So head down to Larestan and pick yourself up a sandwich and piano!

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