Where to buy Asian food in Tehran?

Asian Food in Tehran

Behjat Abad: Tehran’s Hidden Gem for East Asian Cuisine

Nestled within Tehran’s bustling cityscape, Behjat Abad Market offers an aromatic retreat into the exotic flavours of East Asia. Serving as the city’s epicenter for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai Food. This quaint indoor market transcends the usual local fare, offering an unrivaled selection of East Asian treats.

A Storied Market for International Cuisines

The market has been open for 50s years. Behjat Abad Market has evolved into the prime destination for foreign food brands.

Its rustic charm is enhanced by the presence of fresh meat and seafood shops, an unusual yet tantalizing sight for Tehran’s culinary enthusiasts.

While Tehran may not boast a formal ‘Chinatown’, Behjat Abad Market serves as a crucial cultural and culinary bridge for the city’s growing East Asian community and food lovers alike.

But the market’s offerings extend far beyond Chinese delicacies, featuring a variety of sauces and foodstuffs from across the globe.

Looking for Chinese Restaurants?

Low Calorie Asian food in Tehran?

Behjat Abad stands out from Tehran’s typical market scene, thanks to its vast array of rare food items. Shelves brimming with tropical fruits, seafood, exotic spices, and special foreign sauces reflect the diverse culinary practices of East Asia.

This market captures the essence of the East in every aisle.

While those on a slimming diet will appreciate the assortment of diet teas and gluten-free or low-calorie products.

International Asian food in Tehran?

Behjat Abad Market encompasses about 20 shops, serving as supermarkets or specialty fruit and fish vendors.

Here, you’ll easily find ingredients for Korean, Chinese, and other East Asian cuisines, alongside items from a host of other nations.

In its heyday, Behjat Abad housed a wealth of American and European foods. Don’t worry they still stock Pringles if you miss that stuff!

Even today, you can uncover culinary treasures from around the world – from Italian Lady Finger Biscuits used in tiramisu, to Manti Turkish Pasta, and even Dutch Jacobs instant coffee.

It’s a culinary journey that offers unexpected discoveries at every turn.


A Treasure Trove for Stir-Fry Enthusiasts

Whether you’re crafting a delicious stir-fry or seeking rare herbs, spices, noodles, and sauces, It has it.

You can find ample stocks of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese rice, Taiwanese rice crackers, and Japanese seaweed, ensuring that the perfect bowl of rice is never too far away.

A Vegetarian’s Delight and More

If you’re vegetarian, you’ll find Behjat Abad a true haven, with many shops offering locally made and imported tofu. But that’s not all. From an array of fresh fruit and vegetables not found elsewhere, to imported beverages like Schweppes tonic water, and items from Europe, the US, and the United Arab Emirates, this market caters to a wide variety of dietary preferences.

Discover Behjat Abad Market

So where can you find this culinary hotspot? Come and experience this slice of East Asia right here in Tehran, and discover a world of exotic flavours waiting to be explored.

In conclusion, Behjat Abad Market is more than just a market; it’s a vibrant, multicultural hub that brings the taste of East Asia and beyond to the heart of Tehran. Whether you’re an aspiring chef, a food enthusiast, or just a curious local, the doors of Behjat Abad Market are always open, welcoming you into a culinary journey like no other.

Where to buy Asian food in Tehran?

The address of Behjat Abad Market in Tehran: Karimkhan Zand Street, Azodi (not Azadi) South Street (Old name: Aban South Street), beginning of Arshad Street.

Behjat Abad Market’s working hours: Saturday to Thursday from 8 AM to 9 PM, and Fridays from 8 AM to 2 PM.


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