Price of apartments across Tehran, September 2022

Looking at apartments across Tehran?

Price of apartments across Tehran, September 2022

Living in Tehran is happy to reveal the approximate price of property across 22 districts in the Iranian capital in both Toman (the unofficial currency) and the US dollar (USD), using our internal price index.

LiT have combed the city to give you the best comprehensive price for prices for properties before the new month starts and prices creep up further.

As of September 6, 2022, the Iranian currency rate for the US dollar currently stands at IRT30,200 to one US dollar.

NeighbourhoodMeterageRoomsAge (years)Price Pers Square Meter in TomanDollar value
Sahebgharaniyeh27048145,000,000 $                    4,833
Shahrara1553175,000,000 $                    2,500
Dibaji Jonubi1102569,000,000 $                    2,300
Saghdoush1302678,000,000 $                    2,600
Sazman Ab1152167,000,000 $                    2,233
Kordestan1122665,000,000 $                    2,167
Sohrevardi802370,000,000 $                    2,333
Narmak1052152,000,000 $                    1,733
Ostad Moein712842,000,000 $                    1,400
Jeyhoon771437,000,000 $                    1,233
Moniriyeh702152,000,000 $                    1,733
Khani Abad8721415,000,000 $                        500
Tehran No882155,000,000 $                    1,833
Ahang1303147,000,000 $                    1,567
Bolvar Abuzar9021036,000,000 $                    1,200
Bagh Azari5311216,000,000 $                        533
Fallah601625,000,000 $                        833
YaftAbad852124,000,000 $                        800
AbdolAbad952126,000,000 $                        867
DolatAbad12621026,000,000 $                        867
Tehransar6221534,000,000 $                    1,133
Shahrak Rah Ahan1202555,000,000 $                    1,833


How we work out the cost?

LiT uses online bureaux de change (sarafi) Bonbast to work out its currency conversion rate on a monthy basis, since the publication of this price, you may need to check the latest currency rates on

Tehran is a relatively cheap capital city to live in for everyday items like household products and food, however, in recent years prices across the city have reached closer to those seen in Europe for some products, mainly imported ones.

Looking to stay for a shorter period?

Are you looking for property in Tehran? We’ve got you covered. LiT has already covered the latest website available for short and long term renting and buying in Tehran.

Are you staying for a shorter period? We’ve got you covered there too, with our AirBnB alternatives for Tehran.



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